May Happenings and some Vintage Crochet

Hi friends!  

Wow!  Here we are into May already.  I still can't keep up 

with everything I want to do! 

I did manage to cut a few of the neighbor's lilacs again this spring 

to enjoy indoors.  Oh the fragrance! 

Still working on my stash of linen yarn…I love this stuff for projects! 

I'm also excited to tell you, a couple of my embroidery pieces were published in 

this issue of Better Homes & Gardens 

Make it Yourself magazine! 

They really did a nice layout of my pieces! 

Lots of other fun things in this issue if you happen to see it and want to 

check it out.  I even saw this magazine at our local grocery store as 

well as the big booksellers. 

Another little project I've been trying to prefect is this little linen and burlap 

lavender sachet. 

I'm loving the look of the linen with the burlap.

Burlap is just not that friendly to work with sometimes though…

or maybe it's just me.

These are little crocheted booties that my grandmother started making for my 

dad when he was a baby.  I guess she never got around to finishing them, but 

aren't they cute?  

My sister had them, and wanted to share them with me since I've been 

crocheting up a storm lately! 

My sister also sent me an old crochet book that "grannie" had.

It's been fun looking through, although I find most of the doily projects to be difficult

for me because of the thread size.

The thread it says to use is size 30 which is pretty small. 

I had an old ball of size 30 I got at an antique store, so I figured I'd practice with it.

Well, you can see here how small it is! 

It makes the size 10 that I normally use seem big. 

Well, this is it…

It's actually not completed, but I think I'm ok with how it is like this, 

until I can practice some more with this small stuff! 

Here's the funny thing I wanted to show you…

look at the last paragraph…

"It takes only a few minutes to make any one of the lovely doilies in this chapter." 

Huh…a few minutes?  

Yeah, and I bet those ladies back in those days finished it and then also had

dinner on the table when their husband came home too huh?! 


So, anyway, a big thanks and hug to my Cis for sharing these 

wonderful things with me that belonged to our "Grannie." 

(she also gave me her tatting shuttle and crochet hooks too!) 

I'll keep practicing…I think Grannie would be proud! 

 Well, I'm off to enjoy some lovely weather we're having. 

Thank you for being here! 

I do love reading your comments! 



Tracy said…
VERY, very exciting with the mag feature, Becca--so HAPPY for you! :o) So much lovely crochet... love all the "vintage" family treasures. Happy Spring Days ((HUGS))
andrea creates said…
Oh wow, that thread is so small.i love the look of it though and your doilies are so pretty.
the booties are a wonderful family heirloom.great colors ....and congratulations on your magazine feature!!i will definitely be on the lookout for that : )
TexWisGirl said…
love that you have some stuff of your grannie's! 'a few minutes' bwahahaha. :)

CONGRATULATIONS on having your embroidery creations in bh&g! wow! they're really gorgeous, too!
Kate said…
Still can't get over how exciting that magazine feature is!! And all your crochet work is beautiful! I agree that burlap isn't always the easiest to work with... I've used it for table runners before, and found the fraying so annoying! Your vintage crochet book is beautiful, and the doilies can be worked up in a few minutes? Hilarious. haha!
Hope you're having a lovely week!
Kate :}
CarolHart said…
Congratulations on our work being featured in a magazine! How exciting. My mom used to crochet doilies and that is the size thread she used to use. She did indeed knock out doilies in no time. I swear that woman could crochet a house! The weather has been lovely and we're supposed to have a whole week of this! Take care.
Lisa Gordon said…
A very big congratulations to you, Becca!
This is so truly well-deserved.
Your work is beautiful.

Happy day to you!
Lady Locust said…
Love that goldenrod in the last photo. Have you ever tried linen material rather than burlap. Sooo much nicer to work with and essentially the same look. It is rather spendy, but for small projects, it wouldn't take much:)
I just love those little sachets. And congrats on the magazine spread. Now we know where you got your talent from. How lovely that your sister sent you the book and booties from your grannie. Gosh, that thread is so fine. But you did a great job on the doily. Bet it took you longer than a few minutes. My fingers just don't work well with a small hook. :) Have a great week. Tammy
granny would definitely be proud!! i collect vintage doilies and always admire the craftsmanship and beauty. Congrats on being in the magazine!
Catherine said…
Lilacs! Oh is there anything that smells more like summer? Goodness. I think mine are still at least 6 - 8 weeks away.
Looks like you have been extra creative and crafty. Lovely!
xo Catherine
Justine said…
congratulations on your magazine feature and your photographs and crochet are stunning!!
Caterina Giglio said…
such a beauty break visiting your place! ... I definitely miss lilacs... guess I will have to be satisfied with magnolias! x
Unknown said…
So Many beautiful photos my friend. Those Lilacs are gorgeous.. Congrats again on being published! So Happy for you.

Jillayne said…
Becca, your crochet work is just amazing to me. I especially love the burlap with the linen crochet... they are a perfect match.
there is such a beautiful delicacy to your work - simple and honest... I just love to see what you are up to... in your "few minutes"!
Judy S. said…
Oh my gosh, it's finally out, and we were gone. Sure hope I can still find one..... We just got back yesterday from MN and spent all afternoon in the yard pulling weeds, etc. Things really grew while we were gone. How fun to have your grannie's crochet hooks; I think you must have inherited her crochet gene!
Katy Noelle said…
Ooooo! Wonderful congratulations on being featured in BH&G! and the layout is very pretty. How exciting!! =D


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