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Around the House

 Hello!   Is anyone still there?  What happened to September?  Ok, well if you are still here, reading, thank you!   All is well here, I just haven't posted as much lately.  I've been dying to get out with my camera!  You see,  I have these crutches  for a couple of weeks that have been holding me back a bit, but I'm not here to talk about that.  I'm fine really...just a minor setback.  So, today I hobbled out with my camera and snapped some things  around home I thought you'd enjoy. :-)  **** I've taken photos of this schoolhouse on the corner before.   I mean, isn't this just the kind of school you see in movies or  read about in novels?  I'm from Las Vegas remember, and my school  was a drab, no windows, concrete building with a playground on asphalt.  Today, I heard the kids and looked out as they were running down the stairs,  to meet their parents.  It's about 15 minu