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One November Morning...

One November morning… I went for a walk,  …close to home, …fun, …listening to the sounds of nature, …watching the reflection on the water,  …feeling the sunshine,  …dreaming,  …quiet, peaceful, …simply enjoying the beauty that surrounds me... …on this November morning. Feeling grateful for so many things… Becca

Getting Ready For The Holidays!

Hi Friends!  Wow, time has gotten away from me once again!  If you are here, reading this, than I want to say  thank you for not giving up on me! :-)  I'm here today, to share with you some things I've been  working on for the holidays.  I found this FREE PATTERN  online to crochet these cute  little pinecones. I think they will make a fun addition to my Christmas gift wrapping, don't you?  Then, I picked up the magazine you see below that has the pattern  for making these Christmas ornament cozies.  I had fun standing out in the rain to get this shot today.  :-) …and of course,  once a girl gets started crocheting covers for stones, she  never stops.   I made this yellow one for my friend, Stella. This is my friend, Stella and her daughter Ginger. I ask Stella if I could post this photo of the two of them. I love this shot so much, and thought you guys would too.