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Art Leaves

that time of year when I long to live somewhere with colorful leaves. 

Since I can't make that move right now, I'll have to settle for making my own leaves. 

I created my leaves with a mixture of paint, paper, and fabric. 

I love to paint on fabric.

This project was small enough that I was able to just use scraps I had on hand.

In fact, some of the texture you see here is from coffee dyed dryer sheets.   If I didn't like the brightness of the paint or fabric I just applied part of the dryer sheet to tone it down.

Then, stitching randomly to add interest.

...and finally, some copper wire to hang my leaves.

I love how my Art Leaves turned out.   I might even consider putting them into my new Etsy Shop, but I'm still trying to figure all that out. 

I'm joining my friends again at  Paint Party Friday So many beautiful artists there, please check it out.  Also linking up with
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On Sketching and Color...

Just a quick hello and to share what I've been working on in my sketchbook. 

This sketch is just graphite pencil with a blending stump.
I've been trying to figure out why my graphite pencil sketches look more realistic,  but when I use paints my faces look more whimsical. Any thoughts? 
I'm guessing it has something to do with learning to blend with paint.
I don't have a problem with whimsical at all, in fact I rather like it.   I just want to understand so I can learn to use different techniques.

These are some of my favorite watercolor pencils by  Caran d'Ache Next,  I'm going to try to see if I can "blend" with the watercolor pencils on sketchbook paper.  I think the watercolor paper makes blending  more difficult, but I'm just guessing.

Speaking of color... This was our sky at dusk yesterday evening.   I love when it does makes the whole atmosphere "pink."

Thanks for dropping by,  hope your week is going well! 

Another Paint Party Friday!

Last week, time got away from me and I didn't get to attend  Paint Party Friday
 I didn't want to miss out this week, so I spent some time with my journal and decided to show you this page.
This was a face that I was unhappy with so I just gessoed over the part I didn't like and added some collage,  journaling and more paint! I like the texture the gesso and papers added.

I still love to try and paint faces.

Here's a little peek at another journal page I'm working on using oil pastels and acrylic paint.  I'm already calling this "When the Sun Goes Down in the Desert"  You'll know why when you see the finished piece. 

Thanks for dropping by!  I do hope you'll stop by and see the works of some of the other artists at PPF! 
Happy weekend my friends! Becca 

Butterflies and Flowers

Hello friends,  This weekend was busy and fun. On Saturday, we attended a fall festival at a local school.  There were pumpkins, food, a small petting zoo, and lots of "jumpy things for the kids."   It was 92 degrees F so I had on my flip flops and was drinking lemonade and looking for shade!  "OK Mother Nature, it's October!  When can WE have some cooler weather?" LOL 
In between the busyness I practiced my tatting.   Aren't the little butterflies cute?  

Of course, more's still all I know how to do!

This is the beginning of a larger piece.
I'm just reading the directions, trying not to get frustrated and plugging along!
We'll see what happens!

More butterflies for embellishments.

While I was out photographing my tatting I noticed my lavender was blooming again!
Everything is so confused with this 90 degree weather we've been having.
I just hope it blooms so I can gather it before it gets too cold. 

Finally, crocheted flowers all in a r…

Mum's the Word

Now that our days are cooling off I can plant Chrysanthemums. My mom always loved these "Autumn Beauties."  Hope you enjoy.
I also want to send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY  out to my "best friend forever," Linda We started out our artful blogging journey around the same time and continue to share lots of good memories and fun times. Sending birthday hugs to you my friend! 

A Little of This & That

Just thought I'd start the week by popping in to say hello and to thank you for your kind and supportive comments on my last post about my fabric painted piece. If you've been following me for a while, you will know that I can't seem to stick to one art medium for very long without wanting to play in another. :-)
Last night I picked up a piece of left over collage paper and started sketching.

Not sure where I'm going with this yet, but had fun using my watercolor pencils over the graphite.

With the coolness in the air that we are finally experiencing I am starting to get into the crochet and fiber mood.  

I'm still working on my little hemp crocheted flowers so I don't forget how to make them.

I'm trying out different yarns and loved the colors in this yarn.
(note to learn how to crochet a throw with these colors!) 

For now, the little flowers are keeping me busy and can work as embellishments for little gifts.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Painting on Fabric

Probably many of us can remember being a very young age and getting caught scribbling or painting on the walls.   Well, I must have been pretty young, I don't actually remember it, but my mom always teased me about it as I got older. 

I do remember however, that I LOVED to "color" with my friend Kelly.  We would spend hours with our coloring books and crayons.   I can see myself as a child, lying on the floor with my favorite coloring book, tongue sticking out, trying my hardest to
"stay within the lines." 

With that said, I think I probably still stick my tongue out sometimes when I paint!
I painted this piece on fabric with acrylic paints.  To add more character and another medium I sat down at my sewing machine and free-motioned stitched all the lines, only this time I just let it be messy and not worry about going outside the lines.
I kind of like that it's called "free-motion" stitching don't you? 

I can tell this painting on fabric, then stit…

The Autumn Hydrangea

The Hydrangea is probably my most favorite flower. 
I can't grow these in our dry, desert soil so whenever I am traveling and see them I love to photograph them. 

As temperatures drop in Seattle, Washington and the summer weather starts turning to fall,  the hydrangea starts to show its colors of Autumn.

I can't resist a few macros to see the detail in the petals.

I love how the brown mixes with the blue, 

and how the color of the hydrangea changes with the type of soil it's in. 

Now, even as Autumn is upon us, the hydrangea continues to show it's beauty of the season.

It's cloudy, rainy and cool here in Las Vegas today. A good day to stay home in your pajamas. :-)
Thank you for all of your lovely comments.