Butterflies and Flowers

Hello friends, 
This weekend was busy and fun.
On Saturday, we attended a fall festival at a local school.  There were pumpkins, food, a small petting zoo, and lots of "jumpy things for the kids."  
It was 92 degrees F so I had on my flip flops and was drinking lemonade and looking for shade! 
"OK Mother Nature, it's October!  When can WE have some cooler weather?" LOL 

In between the busyness I practiced my tatting.  
Aren't the little butterflies cute?  

Of course, more flowers...it's still all I know how to do!

This is the beginning of a larger piece.
I'm just reading the directions, trying not to get frustrated and plugging along!
We'll see what happens!

More butterflies for embellishments.

While I was out photographing my tatting I noticed my lavender was blooming again!
Everything is so confused with this 90 degree weather we've been having.
I just hope it blooms so I can gather it before it gets too cold. 

Finally, crocheted flowers all in a row with shells in-between.

What did you do this past weekend?

I've been seeing lots of pretty photos out there of your beautiful autumn colors!
Oh how I envy you!
This is my FAVORITE time of year!



TexWisGirl said…
we're still running close to 90 here too - tomorrow yet as well, then finally cooler on tuesday. :)
RURAL said…
I adore those tatted, and the crocheted flowers. Still thinking that they would make the cutest throw, or scarf.

Lovely shots, and while we have sunshine, we do envy you, your hot temps.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Lisa Graham said…
Hello Becca! I love your lovely little flowers. I didn't know what tatting was, now I do thanks to you. Your photos are lovely too!

I had a weekend full of friends, some work at the hospital and painting! I've tried some collage work and that's been fun. I will post this week perhaps unless the wind blows me another direction. You never know.

♥ Lisa
This weekend I was buying pumpkins, decorating for fall, and looking for costumes...in my flip flops & sipping on iced coffee! It is too hot for October. I am waiting for the fall weather too!!! :) You have such gorgeous pictures - love them. :)
I love your little butterflies, Becca! We were very warm (upper 80's) here for awhile, too, but now we are in the 50's!
Justine said…
I do envy you that heat! and love these little crochet flowers.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful little buterflies Becca, I like it!
This weekend I was with family in our mountain home.

I wish you a pleasant Monday:)
Unknown said…
Your tatting is coming along nicely.. I love the color of yarn you are using.. So pretty.

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Fantastic fall weather here and a wedding that reflected the fall colors with browns and oranges, deep rusts and teals, and the beginning of some raking and getting ready for winter. Lovely crochet garland and you tatting is quite amazing Becca! xox Corrine
Tracy said…
Those tatted butterflies are so lovely, Becca! Your crochets flowers linked could make a pretty bracelet or necklace. :o) 92 degrees... oh, wow... I don't think we even reached that in high summer here... LOL! I had fleece and wool socks on this weekend! Wishing you a new, creative, happy week ((HUGS))
Diane said…
Well this weekend I was outdoors at my art festival in very cold and rainy temps--but enjoying it, because sales were amazing!!
Love all of your thread work--you make me want to get out my crochet hooks again!
Gillian Olson said…
Love the pictures and the tatting; I spent time painting and then outside enjoying the lovely fall weather we have been having.
Rosie Grey said…
Your butterflies and flowers are so cute! And I'd love to send all that cold weather your way!! After a really cold and wet summer we are now having an unusually cold October...
Torunn said…
So beautiful butterflies and flowers you make. Beautiful. You are so good.
Heather said…
your blog is beautiful...the photos are just stunning!
- Heather
Unknown said…
I love your butterflies and flowers they are lovely. I wish I knew how to make these. I crochet a little, but I don't know how to tat at all. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Gordon said…
I just love the flowers with the shells Becca. They really are beautiful. I was in Boston this past weekend for Parent's Weekend at the college my son attends. It was a great weekend.
I can send you some much cooler (colder!) weather, as long as you send me some of that 92 degree weather! :-)
Catherine said…
Oh Becca ~ these are just beautiful. I can not believe what patience you have to be able to do this intricate work. And good eye sight I'm thinking! Ha!

I spent the weekend with my mom ~ she is leaving for Yuma in 2 more weeks. I won't see her for 6 months. :(

Hope you are having a super week friend!
xo Catherine
GardenOfDaisies said…
Your butterflies and flowers are beautiful! And I think if you want fall weather you will need to move to the midwest... preferably near me so you can teach me how to tat. :-)
Alina said…
They are amazing!!! Hugs and wishes for a beautiful day XO
Jillayne said…
I love your flowers and butterflies. The tatting is beautiful and the crocheted flowers with shells are so cute!
We definitely are having Fall here; cool nights and beautiful sunny days - the leaves are changing and starting to fall to the ground and footsteps are crunching - I love it. I hope you get your cooler weather soon Becca!
Beautiful photos. Love your array of Crochet and Tatting.
wow, what you do with your crochet needle is fabulous!!! THey are gorgeous!!
Linda Vincent said…
What a sweet post! I love it all.....
Lorraine said…
All turned out really well. I can see these added to a variety of projects.
.Trudi Sissons said…
Wow Becca - very nice - I particularly like the three flowers and the colors!

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