Mum's the Word

Now that our days are cooling off I can plant Chrysanthemums.
My mom always loved these "Autumn Beauties." 
Hope you enjoy.

I also want to send a big
out to my "best friend forever,"
We started out our artful blogging journey around the same time and continue to share lots of good memories and fun times.
Sending birthday hugs to you my friend! 



Unknown said…
Thanks you so much that is so sweet of you.. And so is this sweet shot of the Chrysanthemums.. You captured them perfectly.

Hugs to you my BFF!!

TexWisGirl said…
beautiful shots! and happy birthday, linda!!!
Rosie Grey said…
These are so gorgeous, Becca! And thanks for the info - I'll hop over to Linda - maybe I'll get a piece of the birthday cake ;-)
Steph said…
they are beautiful...arent' they.... I love their colors....I'm so enjoying the relaxing music as I am's so calming to be here.....
Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful rich colours.
Susan said…
Beautiful mums! There’s something about the third one that is simply delightful!
Dianne said…
LOVE mums! They are my favorite flower and come in so many varieties! They are like the utlimate fall flowers!
Anonymous said…
Cute play on words and fantastic photos. xox Corrine
Pamela said…
I love these flowers too! Love their fragrance !
Happy Birthday to your special friend Becca!!

Have a blast at Steely Dan...awesome band!!!
Pamela xoxo
So pretty, Becca...mums just feel like fall to me!
Judy S. said…
Nice photos, Bcca. I love the mums that look like daisies also..such interesting colors! And you're right, they spell fall.
Wonderful shots!! I just got back from vacation and am suffering severe jet I will go check out what I missed while I was gone...lovely music to sooooth my aching head,,,,nature sounds...just perfect...thanks, I needed that:)
Stunning photos!!! Happy Birthday to you BBF.
Justine said…
wow these shots are stunning, beautiful colours!
Lisa Graham said…
Pow! That's what your photos did. Beautiful. I love love mums too.

Following your birthday friend now. Pretty blog she has.

♥ Lisa
manomij said…
Great photos Becca! Mums are such lovely flowers and they go so well with fall, the colour warms you up when the weather is starting to turn.Blogging brings some great friends, so Happy birthday Linda!
Catherine said…
These flowers look like they are on fire Becca ~ fantastic!
xo Catherine
Becky Shander said…
So glad to know that the weather's been cooler...enjoy your bright, beautiful blooms.
Torunn said…
Wonderful structure and colors. Beautifully taken pictures.
Tracy said…
Dazzled and happily wallowing in this golden & russet beauty, Becca... What a lovely gift for your friend. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))P.S. If you can stop by tomorrow, Friday, I'm having a tiny gift giveaway :o)
Lisa Gordon said…
What a gorgeous color this mum is Becca!
And wonderful birthday wishes to dear Linda!
You are a very kind friend.
Lorraine said…
love these colours great photos
What amazing colors! Beautiful! ♥
Heartwideopen said…
Those Mums ARE Autumn. I love the word Autumn... it says so much more than Fall. And thanks for a link to Linda's blog. I spent some very happy minutes there this morning. What lovely photography! ;-)

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