Heart to Heart

So where does time go?  
It seems like there are so many projects I want to do (some not so fun, just projects around the house)
but I can never find the time.  Do you ever feel like that? 
I did manage to make a few fabric Valentines though, that I thoroughly enjoyed. 
I remember being a kid, and was so excited to fill out all of my Valentine cards to give to my friends at school the next day.  Maybe it was that same childhood excitement that filled my heart when I was making these.

I think I will still enjoy making hearts even after Valentine's Day.  Hearts and birds are some of my favorite things. 
I also wanted to include this photo of a clay heart I made for a friend a couple of years ago.
I might have to get out my clay and try that again, it was also fun to work with, and I think 
Fetzer approves too! 

Thank you for leaving such sweet messages on my last post. 
It makes me so happy to read each and every one! 
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, 



Catherine said…
so many ideas...
so many projects...
so little time...

This 'working for a living' gets in the way of our spare time I think. These 2 day weekends just aren't enough to get all we want to do done! :)

But I love all your little hearts ~ so cute Becca!
xo Catherine
Justine said…
these are so lovely! will you give them to friends or sell them? what a lovely idea they are and again I say it every time but you are so talented! my husband doesn't believe in valentine's day so I shall get him a card and hope this year he will change his mind!
Pamela said…
These hearts are beautiful!
I love making hearts too. I am crazy for hearts and birds just like you!
I had made some puffed hearts out of toile material a few years back and have been thinking of making some more for Valentines Day!

You do pottery too? I love pottery the island here is full of potters!
Pamela xo
Beautiful photos and the hearts are so cute. Someone will be very pleased with them.
Brenda Pruitt said…
How extremely cute! I love anything pertaining to crazy quilting.
Anonymous said…
Great idea! Love 3 of them!!

I love hearts! They are the ultimate symbol for everything good!
lilylovekin said…
Love your hearts, especially the little wool ones. I love hearts and birds also. The two go together so well. Glad you are staying busy.
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca - These are amazing! Each is truly a work of art, and the amount of love that went into making them is so obvious! Beautifully done.
Georgianna said…
These are darling, Becca! Love the 4th one especially. Just beautiful! Have a great week. – g
andrea creates said…
oh yes, time.i wish i knew where it went...
these hearts are really neat! all works of art :)
I love all of them...especially the little patchwork heart with the white button. I find a design and make them all the same! I need to be more imaginative! Happy Monday to you, my friend! ♥
Unknown said…
All your hearts look so pretty.. They do look like you had alot of fun stitching on them..

I hope you had a nice weekend!!

Hugs, Linda
Judy S. said…
You are a quick study! Your CQ hearts are great! I love hearts, too.
Anonymous said…
BEAUTIFUL, Becca! I can't even choose a favorite!
Hugs, Diane
Lovey said…
Oh wow! I love them all...simply creative!
Caterina Giglio said…
I agree ... I make hearts all the time!!
Jillayne said…
Oh your hearts are so sweet! What a great idea and all those different styles - what fun you must have had dreaming them all up.
I always liked Valentine's Day as a child and stil do - it's nice to show you care.
Beautiful post Becca!
I bet you smile the entire time you're making hearts :-) That beige & blue is so dear... a necklace? a keepsake? an embellishment for (insert wonderful ideas here)?
Your hearts are gorgeous Becca. I made some and was so proud of them, but they are plain and simple ones; nothing like yours.

God bless,

There really isn't enough time in a day is there? Love your hearts, thanks for sharing.
ELK said…
you have gathered together an amazing group of love .. I am with you I like hearts all the time..these are each so pretty, your stiching is just lovely
Lorraine said…
beautiful photos and I really love these shabby chic hearts each one of them is beautiful..thanks for visiting my blog today

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