A Fresh Start

Greetings friends, Happy 2015! 

The holidays came and went like a flash for me this year. 

Since my last post, ("A Real Pumpkin Farm") Thanksgiving happened, I 

celebrated the big 50th Birthday, then Christmas was here and gone before I 

could catch my breath! Whew! 

Last year, 2014, I started a photo a day challenge on Instagram and managed to finish 

that without a hitch, Yay! 

  While I did meet lots of new friends and had a great time, I feel like I 

neglected my blog, and that made me sad.  

So, here I go 2015 slowly but surely making a fresh start! 

Hopefully they'll still be a few of you out there that haven't given up on me. 


This week is my MIL's birthday, so one of the gifts I have for her are these 

crocheted, heart coasters I made. 

(yes, I am STILL a crocheting, crazy cat lady) LOL! 

Another project I finished is this afghan/throw I made for my 

favorite reading chair. 

Hum...looks like I might have to see if Fetzer and Lucy will let me 

use it. :-) 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to 

getting back to visiting all of your blogs to see what you've been up to. 

I'll be back...:-) 

Sooner than later this time! 



TexWisGirl said…
such cute kitties! happy belated 50th to you! i'm gonna turn 52 this summer... time is flying! :)

glad you are well and happy!
Anne Butera said…
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Your header images are so lovely. And that jadeite! Swoon. Seeing those coasters and that lovely bit of crochet in your header is making me want to crochet with some neutral colors. Hmmm... think you just inspired a project. :)

Hope you have a wonderful 2015!!
Snap said…
Happy New Year! Nice to "see" you! I'm crocheting, too ... nothing as elaborate, but using up stash (that's a good thing)!
jinxxxygirl said…
Look forward to you posting again! I'm sure many of us are still hanging around waiting for your return. :) Happy New Year! And here's to fresh, new starts! Hugs! deb
your coasters are fabulous! bet she loves and uses them often.
Nice to see you back, Becca! Love your sweet coasters and the afghan is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi!
RURAL said…

I'm so happy to see you in my feed, was wondering if you had dropped out of blogging or something.

HB, and hey 50 is nothing...you are gorgeous.

Do I find you on IG...going to look right now.

Lisa Graham said…
I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I've seen you on FB and Instagram. Your photos are always so gorgeous and my goodness you crochet perfectly!

Hugs Becca and pet the kitties for me.
Unknown said…
So happy you are back...
Born in 64 and know all about that "50" thingy! I'm facing it as a new and exciting chapter ;)
Kate said…
Happy belated birthday! Your afghan and coasters look great, and I just love that hummingbird shot!!

Glad to see you back here!!
Kate :}
Unknown said…
So many beautiful photos my friend. Good to see you back here as well! Safe travels.

Anonymous said…
Nice to know the kitties know exactly where to sleep. Pretty color on that afghan. xox
Sue said…
I am THRILLED you are back. Kept checking every few days...Happy 2015! (A Bengals fan living in Indiana, but rooting for your Seahawks!)
Anonymous said…
you have such a restful restorative blog
andrea creates said…
love those coasters and the blanket-such pretty crochet work!
Caterina Giglio said…
nice to see you back, so much beauty ... love the mugs in a row.. so cheery! Happy big 50.. !! x
Lisa Gordon said…
Your little furry ones look so comfortable and content, Becca!
Judy S. said…
Awesome humming bird photo! Glad to see your post, and hope you had a great trip to Bend.
Catherine said…
Happy New Year my sweet friend!
I see you and kitties are warm and well!! :)
xo Catherine
Tracy said…
Hi, Becca! Happy New Year... and Happy 5-0 belated! May this be a FAB decade for you! LOVELY crochet...*sigh*... And love to see your kitties! Thanks for stopping by my place... I was not blogging for a while, but made a comeback. ;o) Wishing you joy, love, peace and creative happiness and MUCH more in 2015! ((HUGS))
Glad to see you post again. So many people have decided to make the complete switch over the IG, but there are many blog friends who aren't there, so I don't plan on giving up blogging just yet. Love all your crochet work, of course. Happy 50! Next month I'll be 49 so I'm a year behind you. :) Best wishes, Tammy
Unknown said…
A picture a day for a year is quite an accomplishment! Looking forward to more blogging though (lol) look who's talking!
Kelly Warren said…
Hi Becca! Stopping by to say hello! That bird photo is amazing! Hope you are well.

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