Simple Holiday Spirit

 Hello dear friends! 

Are you feeling the holiday spirit this year?

I'm feeling like a kid again seeing new things and 

experiencing this time of year in my new home.

Sometimes, it's all the lights I see that adorn the trees wherever I go.

Sometimes, it's the misty air on my face or the Christmas music I hear

when I'm out shopping and running errands. 

Sometimes, it's just the light that catches the raindrops and makes 

the branches sparkle and glisten.

Today, I'm enjoying a cup of tea from a friend, 


I almost got out the tripod today too for the raindrop shots 

when I realized, the tripod is in the closet where 

Russell said, "No Peeking!"

Oh well...I think they'll be more rainy days for the tripod shots. 

So my friends, I'm wondering...

what simple things put you in the holiday spirit? 



TexWisGirl said…
seeing snow on pines (on blogs, these days) definitely makes me think of christmas in wisconsin. :)

i like your bare twig shot - beautiful bokeh!
Justine said…
These are such lovely shots, you have made everything look so beautiful!
I love your mug of tea. I'm burning an evergreen scented candle today...that puts me in a holiday mood!
Simply stunnnning shots!!! wow! Making all the Christmas cards puts me in a Santa mood although our Christmas´are low key. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Unknown said…
You seem to have adapted just fine from the desert to the rainforest :)

lovely photos as always ... and your choice of tea is a good one
Catherine said…
Wayne and I drove around the city the other night looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights. That just brings joy to my spirit! It will be wonderful creating new memories and new traditions in your new home won't it? Fantastic.
Hope you enjoyed your tea my friend!
xo Catherine
Your photos are SO beautiful, Becca...I'm in love with the rain soaked greens...
Unknown said…
I love decorating with my kids, hearing Christmas music, and baking up a lot of goodies. I love seeing the rain drops. Your photos are very good.
Anonymous said…
For me it's all about the lights...I think I could easily be one of those people who leaves their tree up year-round ;)

All these shots are so beautiful--tripod or not! I'm in love with that gorgeous shade of bluish green on the tea mug.
Anonymous said…
Hi Becca, some simple decorating, frost on the fields and some cold air put me in the mood for the holidays. Enjoy your first Christmas in the pacific northwest.......I bet it's quite differently festive out there. xox
Caterina Giglio said…
having all the pressies in the mail... and almost finished with the art deadlines!! lovely pics as always... happy holidays!
Tracy said…
LOVELY, MAGICAL images today, Becca! Very dreamy... Thank for sharing this cup of holiday cheer with us! I must admit I'm not a Christmasy person... I enjoy celebrating Winter Solstice more. But right now I'm enjoying twinkle lights in the house, extra candles all about... and we had snow this week! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
RURAL said…
Becca, if it's snow that you are looking for, I can send you

We have inches to spare here.

Unknown said…
Lots a pretty photos.. Looks like you are enjoying your new lens. It has been raining here. YEA! You know I am loving every minute of it.

Lisa Gordon said…
Until this afternoon's tragedy, I was definitely in the holiday spirit, but this changes things greatly. Hard to fathom.

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful!
Doesn't look like you needed the tripod for those lovely images of raindrops. It was easy to have the holiday spirit while in Dubai, with all the decorations and holiday music, but back here at home, it is just the same old grind, day in and day out. Wears on me at times. Just a few more days and our winter break begins. Now that I am looking forward to! Best wishes, Tammy
All of this is a reminder for me to slow down. It seems I work in the day and then run in the evening. Time to slow down and take a deep breath. Merry Christmas.
Lisa Graham said…
Such a cozy post...I love to sit quietly in the living room on the couch with the tree lights on. Hmmm..wonder what's in your closet.

Merry Christmas Becca and I hope you have a Happy New Year! See you on FB and in 2013!! xoxo

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