Floating Homes of Seattle

Last weekend our friends and neighbors took us out on their boat.

We headed over to Lake Union and got to see some of Seattle's famous

 floating homes.

To begin our tour, I was so excited to see the floating home 

That was made famous by the movie,

Sleepless in Seattle!

Can't you just picture Meg Ryan's character, Annie walking up to the door on the side of the house

in the rain, only to notice that "Sam and Jonah" are on the water in a little row boat enjoying

the day? 

Can you tell it's one of my all time, favorite movies?    :-) 

So, I will quit talking so much, and just let you see some of these unique homes 

through my lens. 

Love the bright colors...

Artistic sculptures...

I guess I'd need a little water taxi like this to take me to the 

shore when I needed more art supplies. LOL

Love the glass artwork in front of this one. 

Well, there you have it!  

Wouldn't you love to live in one of these?  

I would...except I almost had a nervous breakdown when the movers moved 

my grand piano into our home now. 

I can't imagine how they would get it into one of these! 

In case you are interested, I found a YouTube  video that shows some of the 

homes from the inside. 

Hope you enjoyed my tour! 



TexWisGirl said…
a most unique village! it is really beautiful and artisticly inclined. :)
Caterina Giglio said…
lovely floating home tour, I love the one with the white railing and big white shades... bella!
Anonymous said…
I did enjoy the tour--thanks for taking us along! I did giggle, tho (because I could relate)...all of the challenges that I'm sure are part of living literally on the water, and you're concerned about how to get your art supplies. We have to have priorities, right? :) :) :)
Maggie said…
How beautifully amazing is that! As soon as I saw the first picture I thought of Sleepless in Seattle. Thanks for sharing your experience.
that is too awesome. i would love to see it in person. wow, what a great place to live. i can imagine. i love that movie. i've seen it many times. love the soundtrack too. (:
Catherine said…
What a wonderful neighbourhood! That would be very cool to live in one of those houses.
Have a super weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
These are truly amazing. I do love the sculpture house and the glass house, good stuff. I would want to be there all the time! xox
andrea creates said…
oh wow-they are so beautiful and it seems so peaceful! thanks for sharing your great photos :)
Judy S. said…
Fun! We've only seen these from the 520 bridge; they look different up close. I've always wondered what it'd be like living in one of these during the dark winter days......
RURAL said…
They are beautifully amazing....I am not sure that I would love them in stormy weather.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Unknown said…
Wouldn't it be so cool to live in one of those houses. When we camped in Oregon it was right near the river and there were some houses on the water there. Bruce and I were thinking about jumping the fence to get a closer look. But we chickened out. TO old to be jumping fences. Hee Hee.. That is really cool that you got to see them from the water..

Lisa Graham said…
Great post Becca! The Sleepless House looks so different! I wonder if they asked the people to move out while they were using it. I would love to live in a house like that but I don't think I would get anything done. I would sit and stare all the time. So beautiful! I am so glad you live in Seattle because now we get to see it regularly! :)
Bill Shander said…
Wow, what a place! I can practically hear the lapping water...and the glistening is gorgeous.
Dianne said…
LOVE this post! Oh how I would love to live in one of these! Thank you for sharing! I'm going to look inside on u-tube!
Tammy said…
How lovely! I didn't even know this little community of floating homes existed. Thanks for the tour. They really are so very unique and beautiful! Best wishes for a great week. Tammy
Katy Noelle said…
Becca, it looks like those floating home owners are having way, WAY, WAaaaa-a-a-a-ay too much fun!

I just remembered! My husband and I took our honeymoon up in the Pueget Sound (on a little island right near the Deception Pass bridge.) One day, we toodled out on the sailboat (motoring) to explore the Sound and we discovered La Conner - the cutest little town. It was a golden evening and we saw a bunch of boats heading into this canal/river; so, we followed - up the canal we came upon a row of docks and an absolutely charming town with restaurants all along the river (the floating houses reminded me of the waterfront). It was such a grand adventure! =]

Alina said…
Oh my dear girl, I enjoy ALL your posts. They are always so beautiful and magic filled. Thank you for sharing XO
Everydaythings said…
thank you so much for posting in that link to utube - I really enjoyed viewing it and a few more later! had you not written about this I wouldnt have known about since I dont live in your area! so thanks that was great and so enjoyable! Sleepless is one of my favourite movies too! I just loved their house in it! krissie
GardenOfDaisies said…
I do love these floating homes! And you certainly cant' beat their view! But I think I would live with constant worry that things would get wet, or that the whole thing would sink. I think I'll stick to terra firma.

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