Whoo!  Relax!  

That's what's on my agenda this week.

Now that we are settled into our new home and most everything is in it's place, 

I started working in surgery again.

I'll only be working at the surgery center a few hours each week.

It was that full-time,  two week orientation/training I just finished that was tough!   

Did you think I had forgotten about you? 

Not a chance!  

Getting to work by the crack of dawn, and being on my feet all day left me

sleepy and not wanting to be on the computer when I got home. 

I have to say however, that I do enjoy my early morning, short drive to work. 

It's so peaceful at that time, and it's along the water most of the way.  

So, it's a great time to just think, and breathe. 

I've been drying some hydrangeas too, and putting them around the house.

I even found a little time for some crochet.

I still enjoy making dish cloths...

They're such an easy project and so nice to use.

Then, I made a little headband with interchangeable flowers for my neighbor's daughter.

It was her first day of school...she looked so cute!

I'm hoping to have some of my beaded, crocheted bracelets to show you next time. 

Oh, and this is Lucy reminding me that yoga and getting rest is also 

good for sore muscles.

So, now that things are a little less hectic in my weeks ahead, 

 I'll be by for a visit to see what you've been up to!



TexWisGirl said…
congrats on completely the orientation so you can work a few hours again. :) my body would go into shock, too. :)
Part time is good...I don't even think I could do full time anymore!
Judy S. said…
Great chatting with you today! Looks like you've figured out when to pick the hydrangeas for drying just fine. Those cats sure do know how to relax, don't they? Hope you had a nice relaxing afternoon......
I'm really happy for you. I know you are enjoying your new home and new life there. I love those sweet crochet roses and the hydrangeas! I need to plant one here and see how it grows!
Catherine said…
It sounds like everything has fallen into place for you in your new city. And I'm glad that sweet kitty keeps up with the yoga and the rest! Haha!
Have a super week my friend!
xo Catherine
Tammie Lee said…
you really do sound as though you have been busy. So wonderful to see your photographs and crochet. Wishing you a good time at your job.
Gillian Olson said…
Nice to have you back. I love the pictures and the headband, but Lucy is the star!
Glad you are able to get a little down time after all the training...would I ever like to be able to crash like Lucy! I love your new header, Becca!
Tracy said…
So happy you're more settled here, well-moved-in, and even beginning some work. You've had a lot to take in the last month or so... And making time to relax & re-charge the batteries is essential! LOVELY little heart-felt highlights here... Your crochet is so beautiful--those flowers so sweet! I'm trying to learn more crochet and hope to share something of that soon. :o) Happy Days, my friend. Must say, LOVE that new banner! ((HUGS))
andrea creates said…
glad to hear you're settling in to your new home :)
love the crocheted headband-so pretty!
Unknown said…
I love the headband with the interchangeable flowers. It is so cute and such a great idea. Good luck with your new job. I love seeing your pictures, it is so beautiful up there.
Lorraine said…
love those hydrangeas, crochet flowers and your yoga cat..glad you have settled in well now
Lisa Graham said…
Well hello there Becca! I figured you were busy busy. I LOVE the little crocheted pretty you made for your neighbors daughter. You are such a giving spirit!

Scratch Lucy for me!!! Your photos are gorgeous!
Lisa Gordon said…
Congratulations on the new job, the orientation, and getting all settled in Becca! You sound so happy, and I am happy for you!
Anonymous said…
That headband is sooooo sweet. Glad you have a new job but still have plenty of time to create. Lucy has the right idea! xox
RURAL said…
Congrats on the new job, sounds like you will really love it.

Great shots, and your kitty is so cute. Now there is someone that knows how to relax.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rosie Grey said…
What a great selection of photos and projects, Becca - so beautiful! Congratulations on your new job! I could never work in surgery and admire everyone who can do that - wow!!!
Have a great time relaxing!
Tammy said…
So nice that you found a job that doesn't fill up all the hours of your day so you still have time for the fun stuff. Dishcloths are fun and easy and that headband with the changeable flowers is adorable. My 13 year has moves like Lucy. Ha! Have a great rest of the week. Tammy
Justine said…
oh it all sounds great, congratulations. I love your relaxing photos and your lovely crochets
Oh, my, you have been busy. I guess you need to take Lucy's lead. Have a restful weekend.

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