A Sunny Delight

Greetings Lovlies! 

The sun has been shining here in Seattle for a record number of days now.

So, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you 

the lovely sunflowers that adorn my neighbor's garden.

Each morning, coffee in hand, I walk out on our deck and get to enjoy this sunny delight!

I guess I've never really observed the sunflower up close and personal before.

I find them so lovely in their every stage! 

Accepting the light, they come to life against a blue sky.

The colors remind me that autumn is just around the corner.

Such amazing beauty and detail...

...towering over my 6ft stature.

Thank you Sunflower,  for brightening my day! 

Sending a little love and sunshine your way...



Unknown said…
I just love sunflowers.. They just have a happy feel to them. such pretty photos my friend.

Lisa Graham said…
Beautiful photography Becca! You have a way with the camera. Sunflower's are Kansas' state flower and a field full of them is a site to behold.
Anonymous said…
Those towering beauties and SUN are a welcome sight. It always amazes me just how big those flower heads get and you have captured them in all their glory. xox
TexWisGirl said…
they really are incredibly detailed blooms. love them. and for something to tower over you, that must be a rarity! :)
You really got some amazing photos of the details of this complex flower. Enjoy your day!
Judy S. said…
Great photos, Becca! How'd your week go? I've been thinking of you every day.
Hi Becca, Sunflowers are such cheery and happy looking flowers. I hope you have a great day.
Justine said…
gorgeous gorgeous photos!!
Tracy said…
On this gray, drizzly, chilly day here... this sunflower parade lifted my day, Becca...it was like an extra taste of summer, as autumn is on the doorstep here! Such wondrous golden beauty, this...*swoon*... Happy Days ((HUGS))
Katy Noelle said…
That's so cute - the sunflower towers over you! =D I love all the rows of sunflowers all over town - people really go all out and they're so festive! Very cheery!

and, Diana Krall!!!! Oh! You lucky duck! =]

and I just love windows - the light that comes in and the views out.... just love them. I always wonder if I'm a bit weird cuz of it but, hey - that's just the way it is! ;)

Gillian Olson said…
Thank you, I just love these big sun worshipping flowers.
Fabulous captures of one of my favorite flowers. I spent some time sketching these in fields around my house this summer. Have a sunny day:)
GardenOfDaisies said…
I love sunflowers, and your close up photos are gorgeous (as always). How did you manage to get so close without bees being right in your face?
Alina said…
Dear Becca, Oh wow, I've been away from Blogland for quite sometime and find that you have gotten even more magical with that camera! I mean, WOW! Those are absolutely amazing! Thank you for stopping by my Blog. Glad to see you did not forget me :0) XO
Kathy Reed said…
Wow, those are perfect shots! Hope the rest of September is like this;)
Nothing says smile like a sunflower. :D
Unknown said…
gorgeous sunflower love Becca!

p.s. my hydrangeas have reached that stage where they are perfect for drying right about now - have you tried it yet?
Catherine said…
I'm glad you are getting some sunshine Becca ~ hopefully it stays around for awhile!
xo Catherine

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