Anemone Flower

I saw this beauty at the nursery last week and 

just had to take it home! 

It was a lovely sunny day and this Anemone was enjoying 

the sunshine as much as I was. 

With morning showers,  it takes cover,

only to start pointing it's face towards the light again.

I took the shot below, from my art room window. 

Suddenly, discovering new flowers has inspired me to 

practice drawing again. 

I love the simpleness of this flower. 

It sort of reminds me of the flowers I used to 

draw when I was a kid.

A circle, then a few big petals, followed by a long, thick stem. 

Did you draw those too?

We are anticipating lovely weather this weekend.

It's supposed to hit 70 degrees by Sunday!

Happy Easter!



Kate said…
Lovely flower and beautiful photos!!! Love your drawing too; really nice shading!
Kate :}
TexWisGirl said…
really beautiful series. lovely macros! :)
Lisa Gordon said…
WOW!!! Is the first thing that comes to mind.
Becca, this is just gorgeous. What an amazing color too.
andrea creates said…
so beautiful~~ i love flowers.can't wait for ours to bloom now that we finally have some sun!
p.s:yes, i drew them like that- and still do, lol
have a super weekend~
Anonymous said…
Those are some amazing shots Becca and your sketching is lovely as well. What a brilliant pink that flower has....xox
Lisa Graham said…
What a delicate pretty flower. Your botanical drawing is awesome Becca. You CAN draw. You said you can't, but I don't believe you after seeing this. :)
Your photos are stunning, Becca...such a beautiful flower! Your sketch is wonderful, too!
Judy S. said…
Kind of makes me think of a dainty poppy! Nice photos, Becca. Have a Happy Easter!
Catherine said…
How pretty! For sure would have to bring that pretty flower home. And your drawing looks terrific Becca. Good job!
Wishing you a most wonderful Easter weekend friend!
xo Catherine
Numinosity said…
What stunningly beautiful shots and I'm impressed by your drawing too. What a pleasure to view your blog today.
That is a very pretty flower. I find it so amazing how some flowers truly do open up when the sun is out and then close up for the night or when weather conditions are not so good. We have dust here again. Yuck! Pretty drawing. Enjoy the weekend. Tammy
Unknown said…
that was really sweet! really amazing sketch by the way.
Rosie Grey said…
Becca, these photos are fantastic! And the colours are amazing! And your drawings - so gorgeous! Wow!!!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Becca!
Beautiful photos Becca! love the colour. Love your botanical drawing too... I love seeing disections of plants. Also love your crochet covered lovely.
Delicious photos, Becca! Your flowers and their little house are so pretty. Great job drawing a bloom, too!

Happy Easter :)
mmmm luscious flowers you captured. I love your drawing too. You made me smile with saying it is 70 is stillllll SNOWING here...ugh, I am a bit tired of snow this year but spring is nowhere in sight. Hope all is well with you and I am glad to see the post that kitty is better. Have a happy Easter Sunday.
Unknown said…
What amazing photos my friend. That flower is so pretty. And I am loving your drawing. It is so clean and perfect and pretty..

Happy Easter.

RURAL said…
Beautiful shots Becca.

Sending you wishes for a Happy Easter.

Tracy said…
Well, hello little anemone beauty! I've always loved anemones...*sigh*... This one you have is a LOVELY color, Becca. FUN to see your botanical drawing. That's something I've always wanted to try. Hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend. :o) ((HUGS))
Gorgeous photo Becca! I grew some of these last year - although none in this colour. Sensational flowers aren't they. YOu have captured this one so beautifully.
Anonymous said…
The word lovely seems to be not enough to describe this adorable as well as charming flower.

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