Springtime Bird Cage

Hi Friends! 

I took a little bit of time this afternoon to take some pictures 

of my iron birdcage that's on our deck 

just outside of my art room. 

Last summer I simply "guessed" at what kind of plant to buy for 

a container I wanted to put into my birdcage. 

I had visions of a pretty vine running throughout the cage.  

The plant I picked out is a "Vinca" 

which is actually a ground cover. 

I really enjoyed it last summer with it's simple purple flowers and little 

vines I started to train through the cage. 

Well, since I had never really "lived" trough a winter here with all the 

rain and chill, I just figured that it wouldn't survive, and 

come this spring I would be 

re-planting another vine for the birdcage.

Then, one day, I looked out and happened to notice lots of little purple flowers...

lots of them! 

This little plant survived the winter in it's little container and 

seems very happy weaving through the cage. 

When the sun came out this afternoon, it looked so pretty out there 

I just had to show you! 

I remember finding this heavy birdcage at an antique store in 

Las Vegas and I just had to have it. 

I think, like me, it's finally found 

it's home and is very happy. 

We're supposed to have a day of sun tomorrow, so I will be outside 

playing in the garden and also resting up for a few days of 

work next week. 

I'm looking forward to getting by to see what all of you have 

been up to! 



Anonymous said…
How delicate and pretty outside your window! That would inspire me every day of the year.xox
TexWisGirl said…
it is really pretty! perfect!
Unknown said…
Awwww.. Those flowers are so pretty. What a nice surprise. I would have though the same thing, that I would have had to replace them. That happens a lot here as you know.

Hope you enjoy that sunshine. We have rain.. YEA!!!

Yvonne said…
Love your photos, the contrast between the delicate flowered vine and the iron cage. Lovely view.
Judy S. said…
Trying to post for a second time...that's a great use for vinca! Ours is no where close to blooming though! You must have great light up there in Kirkland. Vinca is one hardy plant; years ago we planted just one plant in the side yard and is spread everywhere. Same thing under the cherry tree. Looks like your plant really likes its cage!
GlorV1 said…
Hi Becca. Just popped from Monica's to admire your blog. Love your photos and the Vinca's. The iron cage is awesome too. Thanks. Have a great weekend.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a great choice for your birdcage, Becca.
Vinca are actually very winter hardy.
If it makes it through the winter here, it will make it anywhere!! :-)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
That is so pretty with that tiny blue flower. It's perfect for the birdcage. Spring is near!
andrea creates said…
what a pretty birdcage!! i love the winding vines and flowers :)
i was surprised to see what flowers came back every year-with the snow and cold it's amazing!
have a super break :)
kathy b said…
Your garden is so lovely. It is such a treat to see your tiny gorgeous flowers. THey are bursting with color....

it is grey and old snow is being rained on in Chicago today...your post....really lifted me!
Heartwideopen said…
I just noticed the other day that our Vinca is blooming also!!! Not as many blooms as yours though. Wasn't the sunny days wonderful??!! We're supposed to get a bit of sun this afternoon... but I dunno... it looks pretty grey out there right now! HuGGs! Debi
She Who Doodles said…
i think the vinca loves are wet climate, mine always does well from now till later in the summer when it doesn't get quite enough water. but never dies off. great addition to your bird cage.
Catherine said…
I can not tell you how jealous I am of your spring Becca. I am truly green with envy!!
Love those cute little vines going through the bird cage!
xo Catherine
So pretty, Becca! I love vinca vine...the flowers are so sweet and colorful! Great photos!
RURAL said…
That is the prettiest little bird cage, I've seen in ages.

And I love the Vinca...it's doing so very well, must love the rain.

We can plant it here, in zone 5 so its' pretty hardy.

Lisa Graham said…
Oh how I LOVE vinca vine...it's so beautiful and comes in a variety of color. I have purple ones which seem to be the perennial and most hardy kind...but oh that soft pink variation...to die for. Your Vinca looks so pretty pretty pretty.
Beautiful photos Becca! Love the cage with its beautiful flowers and vine. My world is still stuck in deep snow. it is -35 this morning!
That is the perfect plant for the birdcage. I'm glad to see that it has sprung back to life after the winter months. Very little springs back here after incessant summer heat. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy
Tracy said…
Feeling refreshed just looking at your pretty images, Becca! Just now surfacing after 2 weeks+ I've been down with flu & migraines--slowly mending. Fist chance I've had to post and visit friends. So great to catch up with you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Justine said…
these are so beautiful and I love that gorgeous blue peeking through everything
Unknown said…
Oh that is so sweet!
Katy Noelle said…
I've been enjoying the vinca since I moved out East almost twenty years ago. It comes out green from under the snow! But, I have been noticing that is SPREADS! which can be a very good thing. People plant it under lilacs and on hillsides around here. But, last year, I found out something wonderful - vinca is periwinkle in American disguise! I had always wondered what periwinkle was and love the color.... now, I know! ;) Did you know? =)


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