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A couple of weeks ago you might remember I attended

 the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Wow, what a fun day that was with my friends Priscilla and Stephanie.

I couldn't believe how much there was to see, do, and buy!  

So, today I thought you might like to see a few of the 

gardens that were on display this year.

The lighting was beautiful here in this contemporary garden design.

Loved this unusual gate...see the little cricket at the bottom?

I learned a little more about my camera settings too this day. 

I'm not used to shooting in artificial light and most of the displays 

were shown off with bright spot lights!

Then, the next display would be darker, so I had to adjust my 

settings each time.  

Look at this! 

Isn't this fun?  

I mean, who has a disco ball in their garden? 

Unfortunately, this one below wasn't my best photo, but I just 

had to show you my favorite garden display.

No, that's not a real body back there! Lol

 I love the vodka bottle, Camel cigarettes, and 

broken martini glass in the background too.

I loved how the artist/designer showed a real sense of humor with their display.

Love the vintage metal chairs.

From fancy...

to Hobbit...

Lots of fun ideas.

These bottles reminded me of the windows at the

Shakey's Pizza Place when I was a kid.

Do you remember Shakey's Pizza? 

Ah...this was more like me...

Adirondack chair, daffodils, dragon flies and a tea pot! 

The Convention Center in Seattle is very nice.

I love this area where you can see all the way down the 

street to the water and Pike's Place Market.

Beautiful area to sit and rest, grab a bite to eat and start 

walking around again! 

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my day at the 

Northwest Garden and Flower Show.

If you are ever in the area during the show, it's something 

you don't want to miss! 

Hope your week is going well. 



TexWisGirl said…
laughed out loud at the dead body, vodka, cigarettes display!!! my kinda humor, i'm afraid!
Judy S. said…
Fun photos, Becca! Can you believe we've never been to that show? I especially like the photo taken to the west, from the bridge across the street, right?
Gillian Olson said…
Thanks for taking us along, I too laughed at the fake dead body. What a great variety and just in time for summer garden inspiration.
andrea creates said…
how fun! great photos too :)
i used to go to a shakey's when i was little ;)
have a super week...
Caterina Giglio said…
oh your shots make me so anxious for spring and warm weather, cannot wait for the color green! you did a great job shooting inside...
Unknown said…
Looks like a great show. So many beautiful displays. I so glad you were able capture some shots and share them with us. The one with the Adirondack chair definitely looks like you. In fact I almost thought it might be your yard at first glace.

Hope you week is going well my friend.

Lorraine said…
love the hobbit house and the recycled bottles..great photos thanks for sharing
We were there too. Isn't just amazing?! I gave up trying to take pictures with my camera there, the lighting is really tricky. Your pictures turned out great.
Catherine said…
Gosh you some some beautiful things Becca! So many terrific garden ideas. Now to have the time and the money to do them. LOL!

WIshing you a fantastic weekend my friend!
xo Catherine
Rosie Grey said…
How gorgeous - thanks so much for taking me around, Becca! I enjoyed it thoroughly!! :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!
This looks like a fun show...full of inspiration! And yes...I do remember Shakey's!
Lisa Graham said…
I enjoyed it immensely. :) I want to see this area! So bad!
The one with the body and vodka and cigarettes is the Las Vegas themed garden. lol! I love the hobbit fun!

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