Botanical Mixed-Media

Hi Friends! 

I hope everyone's had a great summer!  

I've been working on some mixed-media pieces lately, and one of 

the things that recently inspired me again, is this dragonfly.

Isn't she pretty? 

My new neighbor, Camille has only known me for a short time, but she

 knew me enough to know that when she found this poor little dragonfly 

in her garage, that I might appreciate it too.  I'd say she was right! 

I'm not sure I can work the dragonfly into one of my mixed-media pieces 

without damaging it, so I might just continue to photograph it as a 

botanical piece...this is a start. 

So, after the dragonfly, I started

 to get out the paint, paper and my pressed flowers and leaves again.

My desk continues to be a mess.

I picked out a fern leaf from our garden, 

and some hydrangea petals I pressed last year for this piece. 

My sewing machine has been calling to me too, so I added machine 

stitching on the sides. (above) 

There's just something so relaxing about sewing with a needle and thread.

I find embroidery relaxes me. 

I keep pieces of my thread crochet to use in mixed-media art. 

Here's the dragonfly that ended up on this piece. 

I love when I get a boost of inspiration for art. 

I'm grateful for all the things in nature that inspires me to create.

When that inspiration happens because of a friend and a thoughtful gesture, 

it's even better.




DiamondLil said…
Wow! Great post. I love your work and wish you posted more often. You're in my Feedly feed.
Anonymous said…
Really sweet pieces Becca. We have some lovely dragonflies here too. I wasn't sure we would, but the back yard is full of them. Magical. xox
A lovely way for me to spend my morning coffee...such a lovely post. You are so talented in many aspects of designing special pieces. Love all the photos. Loving nature and your needle works. Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing.
That is beautiful, Becca...I love how you were inspired by the dragonfly...and the embroidery is lovely!
Unknown said…
I so enjoy seeing your work, Becca.
It is always so unique, and quite beautiful.
Have a wonderful week, my friend.
A creative mess is a good thing. Always love your mixed media pieces. Have a great week.
Jillayne said…
A lovely creation in the works - I love the dragonfly that you added - perfect!
Having my very first vegetable garden this year has me out in the yard a lot and I've been amazed at how many dragonflies there are flying about at all times of the day. They are amazing to watch, graceful as a bird but so much faster!
Hope you're having a great summer Becca,

Caterina Giglio said…
your nature based work is so lovely... and what a great neighbor! x
Kate said…
Such a beautiful post, and such lovely pieces of art! I love all the different elements, colors and textures. You have such a unique style that is clearly expressed through all of your different crafting mediums. Beautiful!
Kate :}
cindy said…
Love this piece and your blog! Found my way here from Pinterest- how lucky is that🌞
Judy S. said…
Love all your pieces, Becca! We had a similar dragon fly story last summe, but I ended up giving it to the GK to share at school. It was on our front porch when it succumber and just a perfect as yours. How did you make the print of a dragon fly on your piece? Very nice.
~*~Patty S said…
This is my first time visiting your blog (wish I could tell you the exact trail that led me here...but I can't be sure)...that said I am so happy to get to see so much beautiful creativity.
I admire so many of the things you incorporate into your mixed media art creations.
Happy September.
Unknown said…
Hello Bec, Just been looking through your post, So many wonderful photos. I really enjoy this mixed media piece. Beautiful work my friend. I'm glad you shared some of them on Insta-gram as well. :)

Hugs, Linda
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