Star Garland

It's been raining...and raining...

and raining some more today.  

You know how much I love it!

I still laugh at myself for thinking it'll rain hard for 10 minutes then 

stop for another 8 months like it did in Las Vegas.  

(even though I know better here in Seattle.)

  It's funny what you become accustomed to over the years. 

So I sat, drinking hot tea by the fireplace,

(a loose leaf blend called "Seattle Sunset" from 

 listening to the rain against the window. 

I started crocheting star garland with my favorite,  linen yarn.

Star garland...for the holidays, or everyday.

You can make them any size, or any color.

I'm using a 3.50mm steel crochet hook with linen yarn.

Step 1:   Ch 5, join with a slip st to form a ring.

Step 2:   Ch 3.  14 dc into the ring.  Slip st to 3rd ch of ch3 to form a circle.

Step 3:   *Ch 5.  1 sc in 2nd ch, 1 hdc in next ch, 1 dc in next ch, 
1 tr in next ch.Skip 2 dc, slip st in next dc.
Repeat from * to * four more times to create five points, ending with
slip st at base of first point.

Fasten off for single star,  
Ch 20, and repeat from Step 1 for garland.

I'm looking forward to a lovely, and quiet Thanksgiving with Russell.

Lots of cooking, watching football, reading, 

relaxing, and probably more crocheting.  :-)

However you plan to spend the holiday,  I hope you find abundance 

and happiness within your heart. 




Your star garland will look especially pretty at Christmas time!! The rain here in Houston is different than what I'm used to too. It won't rain for awhile and then we'll get something like a tropical rain storm where it rains buckets and buckets, then the sun comes out again. It made it difficult to know how to dress this summer. I really hate getting my feet wet, but I like wearing flip flops on a hot day.
Have a happy thanksgiving!
you had me at "linen yarn"! love your star garland very much. embrace the rain!
happy thanksgiving!
Kate said…
The linen yarn looks great!! Love the stars!
Kate :}
Justine said…
this looks really difficult! lovely pictures
Anonymous said…
Another gorgeous crochet project my friend. I am glad you are soaking up the rain in bliss! xox
Anonymous said…
I saw on the news this morning that you are getting LOTS of rain. Stay safe. And I ADORE your stars!

Lorraine said…
Your star garland is lovely Becca. Enjoy your Thanksgiving which sounds very relaxed. Rainy days are wonderful creative days.
Unknown said…
Thank you for the tutorial. This garland is really beautiful. I will have to get some of this linen thread. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Russell.
Unknown said…
I bet you are loving every minute of the rain.. Your stars look so pretty my friend. Enjoy your Thanksgiving...

Caterina Giglio said…
just darling... was it your photo of this that I saw on Pinterest? have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Catherine said…
Such sweet little stars Becca! Your Thanksgiving sounds like my idea of a good time! Well....except maybe the watching football part. LOL!

I hope you and Russell have a beautiful Thanksgiving in your new home!
xo Catherine
Gillian Olson said…
Yes the rains are definitely here, great time for indoor activity. Really love your star garland, especially in that linen thread.
Happy Thanksgiving.
It looks like you're putting your rainy days to good use. Mobile, Alabama, is usually one of the rainiest cities, along with Seattle, but for the last two years, we've just been average. I don't think it has rained reall well here since October. I think we need to do a rain dance.
So pretty, Becca! Pinning! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
Hi Becca! It is nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!

Beautiful pictures!

Sensible Sarah
I love how you always use natural looking yarns. The stars will make a very pretty garland. Will probably whip a bunch of those this weekend. Until yesterday afternoon, I completely forgot today was Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy busy week. School is so busy each and every day. I did make pumpkin pie today and had that for dinner. :) Blessings to you and yours. Tammy
Jillayne said…
I'm going to go grab my hook and yarn and sit here, listening to your rain (even though I have my very own, right outside!) and make a garland of my own - love it!
RURAL said…
I know that you love the rain, lol, but we have had so much here that it's damp, and we thought we got away from that.

Love your star garland, and if I could crochet worth anything, I would give it a try.

I made one out of clay stars, I will share it one day.

Judy S. said…
Nice garland, Becca. What a great idea! Hope you had a nice day yesterday. We had fun celebrating another first with Max.
Anonymous said…
linen yarn! stars, beautiful!
Lisa Gordon said…
It must be so strange to go from the desert to Seattle! I am enjoying you, enjoying the changes.
Love this star garland. so perfect for the season.
Wishing you a wonderful beginning to your week.
Rosie Grey said…
This looks wonderful, Becca, such a great idea! It's so great to read how much you enjoy Seattle!!
Beverly said…
The star garland is absolutely adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pattern. My first visit here - found my way from Lisa's :). Your blog is lovely.
Katy Noelle said…
That star garland is CUTE!!!

I remember when i first moved to Vermont - the green mountain state - from California. They said we were having a drought and it was an extended heat wave but it rained within a couple of weeks. I was used to the heat and lack of rain lasting for MONTHS and it was a joy for me! No problem. But, this summer/year we really have had droughts - even though it rained all through April and all through Sept and Oct - there was nary a drop inbetween and we don't have sprinklers and that's just fine because our well ran dry!! =( Now, I hope we get snow soon....ish! ;)

Well your rainy day sounds lovely - I can just hear it! =]

Unknown said…
oh excellent. i'll make one for my little girl. never seen crocheted stars so hadn't considered them crochetable (new word).
Unknown said…
I love your star garland. Which linen yarn is your favorite?
Unknown said…
I love this idea. Thank you for sharing. I tweaked your pattern a little so the stars hang pretty from the garland. As I finish the first point, I catch the third ch from the ch 20 in the slip stitch as well. Then I continue to build the remaining four points of the star.
seth_fletcher said…
I am changing my room over to a rustic theme, so I am making these stars out of twine. They curl up, so I crocheted along the edges with extra fine crochet thread. Looks adorable!

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