Falling for Color

Greetings dear friends!

November and the holidays are upon us, so I wanted to get one last 

Autumn post in before everything turns to winter here. 

I took these photos at the Washington Park Arboretum, 

a short distance from our home. 

This is the kind of place that you need to visit 

every season, to see the change. 

They even have a calendar to show you what's in 

bloom each month!

It was a lot larger park than I expected and we didn't get around to 

each garden that was on the map this time. 

We picked a beautiful day to do this. 

The sun was peeking through the clouds and the 

temperature was not too cold.

 Some places had benches and some 

had picnic tables just out in the middle of it all!  

I'm bringing munchies next time. :-) 

So many varieties of trees and plants.

Each with their own burst of color...hues of flame red, bright orange, 

and soft yellow stand out among the green grass and pines. 

The water was calm and lovely.

I imagined myself paddling quietly in a canoe trying to catch a glimpse 

of the busy beavers that are in this area. 

Reflections on the water were mesmerizing.

It was a weekday...not too many people around...so peaceful.

I bet this artist is a "regular" here.

I think I will be too.

I'm heading back out to try and capture the 

essence of Winter next.

November...it's a beautiful time to express thanks, and I 

have so much to be thankful for!  

I am thankful for the opportunity to live in such a green and lush area, 

and be able to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds me daily.

It makes me happy when, on several occasions my sweetie and I will look at each other 

and say...

"we live here now!" 




TexWisGirl said…
so wonderful to hear of someone living their dream. :)

this is a beautiful place.
Gorgeous!! In the spring when the rhododendron and azalea are in bloom you will feel like you're in heaven!
You really do live in a beautiful place! And I love it when you get that perfect combination of leaves on the trees....and lots on the ground! Enjoy your evening!
Anonymous said…
These are nice... nothing more pleasing than taking a stroll in crunchy leaves along a park walkway. :-)
Judy S. said…
Nice photos, Becca! Did you know you can rent canoes and paddle around in there? Hard to believe this is so close to downtown, isn't it?
Judy S. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Georgianna said…
Hi Becca! Gorgeous photos, made all the more so because of how joyful you are to be here. The Arboretum is a regular haunt of ours, in fact we were there two days ago. I'm sure over the years we have visited dozens, if not hundreds, of times. And every season has something interesting. There is a dedicated Winter Garden with witch hazel, hellebores, and more which we always visit in January.

Anyway, I'm just delighted that you are both here now, too. One of these days soon we'll meet up!

GardenOfDaisies said…
This really is a beautiful park, Becca. I can see why you want to make this a regular stop. Your photos really captured the serenity of the place.
Wow, it's beautiful there! I would visit that place often! SUCH beautiful photos, Becca...your posts always make me smile...
Anonymous said…
This is a sight out of a movie. The fall colors gave it a mystical aura. Very majestic and enchanting.
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Caterina Giglio said…
ah, our fall is gone, we are on to winter, enjoy and thanks for the gorgeous beauty break...
Unknown said…
Your pictures are beautiful. They show why I love autumn. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Graham said…
I am booking my flight this instant.


Wow...the colors and the lushness of it all...you can tell Seattle is a well watered place. Your photos are breathtaking. You should make calendars with your photography Becca. Your photographic is is amazing.
Tracy said…
Thank you for this autumn song, Becca! These images are magical! Like that artist, I would love to do more plein air painting! We're heading to the US next week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. My favorite holiday, so I can't wait! Thanksgiving blessings you & yours, Becca. Catch up with you soon! :o) ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
So many beautiful photos. Lots of wonderful color. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

We are here at the lake. And it has been sprinkling on and off all morning. You know I am loving every minute of it. I am sure it won't last long.

you have caught the essence of winter; your photos are lovely!
Silvina Soave said…
Muy bellas todas las imágenes, hermosa serie! Feliz fin de semana!!
Well, how lovely to have discovered you! Your photos are beautiful! Your posts induce such a relaxed and beautiful feeling! I too come from the deserts of Southern California and just adore a cooler and more damp environment. I now live in Santa Barbara and though not nearly as green as your area it is so much more hospitable than the desert. Though I also do love the desert my heart is at home in the green. I am reveling in the rain we are experiencing now. I just can't get enough of it!
Loved to visit your beautiful blog, I will be back, and I am adding you to my side bar on my own blog www.triciafountaine.blogspot.com/
Tammy said…
I love that ya'll are still so enthralled with the choice you made to pick up and leave the desert. Sounds like you are thankful and amazed each and every day. That is a very beautiful park. My girlfriend always tells me I make Kuwait look good on my blog. What I don't show you is all the trash and rubble that we have to pass along the way. Much of what surrounds me is anything but beautiful, but I try not to dwell on that. :) Best wishes, Tammy
RURAL said…
What a beautiful place to have nearby and to visit. I can see we will be the lucky recipients of many new photos as the seasons change.

Catherine said…
Oh Becca ~ all that color is just truly amazing isn't it? I'm so happy you are enjoying it. Very inspirational photo taking my friend!
Happy Sunday!
xo Catherine
Lisa Gordon said…
I am so enjoying you, enjoying fall!!!!
Beautiful photos Becca.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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