Around our House

A Perfect Autumn.

Our first one since living here.

I know you've seen a lot of posts already, about this time of year.

But, I still can't get enough of it.  

Today, I'm just walking around our yard, taking in every step and moment.

Decorations from nature, adorn the ground. 

The sun comes out briefly to show off the colors.

The leaves...they're everywhere! 

Maybe that's what this rake is for 

that's been leaning against the house since

we moved in.  :-) 

Some branches are starting to show signs of winter already, 

as the leaves flutter to the ground, 

leaving me feeling a little melancholy.

   I'm not ready for Autumn to end!

("It'll be back next year!" Russell reminds me with a smile.)

All the different types of leaves, 

and all the different colors.

Hum, nature's tears, or mine? 

Thank you for being's still Autumn here at Patina Moon for a little while longer.  :-)


On another note...

I'm experiencing an influx of spam from Blogger.
I don't believe Word Verification is the only answer...any other ideas? 



TexWisGirl said…
these are gorgeous. i don't mind them at all. :)

i NEVER allow anonymous comments on my blog - select the registered users / open id option and see if that helps.
Dion Dior said…
Oh Becca, these are absolutely beautiful. I'm inspired to paint every one of them. You win my vote for BEST blog photography. Hugs xx
Anonymous said…
It can be a little melancholy this time of the year but it's still my favorite season of them all. Your photos show how much you are loving your new home. :-)
Lisa Graham said…
I can never get enough of fall OR your gorgeous photos.

No ideas on the spam thing here. :(
There's such a variety of trees where you live and that really makes for a beautiful Fall. Spam? I'm getting a HUGE amount! I'm having to check every day and delete them. They are all coming through Anonymous though so they don't get posted. Don't know anything we can do...just delete them.
I too love fall.... it is long gone from my neck of the woods, and we are deep into winter. I am glad to see how much you are enjoying it though! and yes it will be back next year.
Kate said…
Love your leave shots!!
I had spam problems too, so I started moderating my comments, so that I can just hit delete on the spam and publish to the non-spam comments. I like doing it this way so far... Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
Kate :}
Gillian Olson said…
Love your fall shots, I am not ready for it to end either, we can hang on together!
On the spam note, I was getting a lot too, it didn't show up on my blog but I was getting it into my inbox. I was just deleting it and it kept coming in so I reported it as spam to my email, and I have had no trouble since.
Unknown said…
Lots of wonderful photos my friend. Are you sure that rake isn't for fluffing the rocks. As you know we do that here in the desert. Hee Hee...

Lorraine said…
just love autumn and your photos too
Lisa Gordon said…
I am so glad you are enjoying autumn, Becca, and your photos are just beautiful! There's a certain simplicity in each, that is just wonderful.
So beautiful, Becca...I can sure understand why you don't want it to end!
Catherine said…
Looks like you are soaking up all that great color around your new home Becca ~ how wonderful ~ good for you! Enjoy!
xo Catherine
Justine said…
you have the most beautiful leaves in your garden, stunning shots!
Terrie said…
While fall vistas are gorgeous, your stunning photos of the up-close-and-personal bits of fall are just perfect. They remind us to stop and really look around us at the small bits of beauty everywhere.

I agree w/ the first commenter - I don't have any issue w/ spam after turning off the anonymous feature.
Judy S. said…
Nice photos! It's feeling more like winter today, isn't it? Have you ever wondered just how many leaves are on one tree? Those big-leaf maples just keep on shedding and shedding. I found a ginko leaf for you!
Tracy said…
DELICIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL photos, Becca! Autumn is my favorite time, so keep splashing around those colorful leaves and seasonal splendor! It's been wonderful to be along with you during this season. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm on Typepad, but I do verification/comment moderation, and I don't allow anonymous comments. It helps!
Katy Noelle said…
Oh, Becca.... =]

Firstly - such beautiful photos - there's love in them. =]

Then, that is so funny about the rake... =/ Good thing we have three little slaves to help pick up leaves, around here!!!

But, mostly, I was thinking about how the outdoors is so festive - all on its own. I've been blogging and blogging about outside because it's been so beautifully decorated - I've hardly been able to come indoors... except for when it rains, of course. Then, I always feel SO melancholy when the leaves come down. sigh. The first year in NE, I thought that Novemeber was absolutely YUCK! But, now, I love it's sweet starkness - I do like the combination of natural wood and blue - and the pale and purpley pink light!

Happy autumn to you! Can only imagine how fun it is for to be enjoying the seasons!


PS I know and love this Satie piece that you have playing right now... I have it on a frenchly mystical CD called 'after the rain.' I wonder if you know what I mean by 'frenchly mystical...' =/ =]
Marji said…
Gorgeous. This time of year is really very lovely here. Glad you are so enjoying it. Was lovely this AM with the fog on the lake. Have a nice weekend.
RURAL said…
Becca,those leaves....sigh.

The shot of the stones, and the path, I had to look more then once to make sure it wasn't the same path as the one I walked for 17 years in White Rock...eerie....


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