Hydrangea Love


I can never get enough of them, and this is the time of year they 

show off their moody blooms! 

I love referring to them as "moody blooms" because of their ever changing 

colors depending on the soil's composition.

This hydrangea at our house used to be completely blue and now the past couple

of years, it's given me a variety of color from deep blue to lavender and pink! 

Below is something I found online that describes the meaning & symbolism

of the hydrangea.  The name hydrangea comes from the Greek "hydor," meaning 

water, and "angos," meaning jar or vessel.  Roughly translating the word to 

"water barrel," referring to the hydrangea's need for plenty of water. 


HydrangeaView our bouquets containing hydrangea >


First discovered in Japan, the name hydrangea comes from the Greek “hydor,” meaning water, and “angos,” meaning jar or vessel.  This roughly translates to “water barrel,” referring to the hydrangea’s need for plenty of water and its cup-shaped flower. With its wooden stems and lacy, star-shaped flowers packed closely together in a pompom, the hydrangea’s color ranges from white to blue to pink and purple, determined by the acidity level of the soil.
There remains some debate over the hydrangea’s symbolism – with some connecting it to vanity and boastfulness (perhaps reflecting its abundance of petals and lavish, rounded shape) and others suggesting that a bouquet of hydrangea expresses the giver’s gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding.  Still others suggest it represents anything that’s sincerely heartfelt. Despite this variation in flower meaning, there appears to be an overwhelming consensus that this 4th wedding anniversary flower possesses enduring grace and beauty.

I'm glad I was able to take the time to photograph these blooms because with 

this heat wave we are having in Seattle, they won't last long. 

I shot these images one morning right after I watered them. 

Notice the bottom right...one of the blooms is divided down the middle 

with lavender on one side and pink on the other. 

This blue is still my favorite. 

Look at this!  As I was shooting I noticed this flower that was white.  I'm guessing 

it will change to the pink that surrounds it. 

Isn't it lovely how different they can all be? 

That this stunning flower can go from this, 

to this, 

and finally this! 

So, here it is, summer of 2015.  I wonder what surprises this moody bloom will have 

for me next year? 

I hope you enjoyed my photos, 

thank you for visiting me here. 



I do love hydrangeas and it truly is amazing how they are constantly changing colors. Just goes to show you how everything is ever changing. Beautiful photos. Best wishes, Tammy
Unknown said…
As a fan of hydrangeas.. I L-O-V-E your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing ;)
Anonymous said…
Scrumptuous. Their fading gives them so many lives as it were. Perfect depiction Becca. xox
Kate said…
What a fun post displaying all the different changes those beautiful flowers go through! I enjoyed reading more about them too! My Gram has two little hydrangea bushes here, but they have never bloomed for some reason. Maybe it's not too late for them this summer!
Have a lovely week!
Kate :}
Catherine said…
Mmmm...such glorious colors! I can almost smell them! :)
Hope you are having a wonderful July Becca!
xo Catherine
Judy S. said…
Great photos, Becca. I wish mine would turn pink! Our lace cap out front is blooming well finally.
Caterina Giglio said…
I ALWAYS enjoy your photos! Such gorgeosity! I am still trying to find a suitable spot to plant hydrangeas here... sigh, but I have your lovely pics to sustain me!! TY!
Lisa Graham said…
Hi Becca, I love hydrangeas too and blue is my favorite also. At our new house we have Annabelle hydrangea and they bloomed big clusters of tiny pale pink flowers. They truly are a special plant and your photography of them is spectacular.

Thanks for your kind comment on my pink room painting.

Beautiful hydrangeas!!
Unknown said…
Becca, these are gorgeous, and one of my very favorite summer flowers. I have a blue one and a white one in bloom right now. Unfortunately, I have 4 others that show no signs of blooming. Lots of bright green leaves though! :-)
Tammie Lee said…
SO very pretty!
Really sweet or stunning with all the different shades. I wonder if deer eat them, i have so many deer and try to plant things they are not interested in. But oh how i would love to have these beauties around. It has been a hot summer here in NW MT. as well.
Lovely Sunday to you.
Lorraine said…
i love hydrangeas and have a pink white one growing in my front garden but I love the blue ones..but my soil isnt acidic enough...beautiful post and photos
billy said…
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