Happy May Day!

Hi friends, 

I made some simple little May Day baskets  to share today. 

It's always good when you can use supplies you already have 

to create some happiness. 

I also wanted to share some crochet stuff with you. 

This is a scarf/shawl I just finished.

It's worked with two strands of size 10 bamboo thread. 

The thread is very soft, and wasn't really all that difficult to work with. 

So, now that I still have "how to work" the pattern in my head, 

and remembering my mistakes, I'm 

thinking of trying it again only in a different color. 

Found these cute little sun and moon motifs in a 

book I have.  You know I just had to crochet some, especially 

the moon!  I'm thinking they might look good on my denim 

jacket or maybe an old pair of jeans. 

Remember wearing those iron-on 

patches on your jeans when you were younger? 

Then finally, I crocheted this pillow cover from a free 

pattern I found on line.  

This was the first time I have ever really tried 

Aran Crochet, so it was fun to learn some new stitches.

Here's another shot of it on my new rocker I picked up at a 

yard sale just down the alley for only $25.00! 

I love the textures of Aran Crochet so now I'm working on an 

Aran Afghan in cream that I hope to finish by Autumn.  That too, has 

a lot of stitches I've never done before, so wish me luck! 

Finally, I thought this was so beautiful seeing this little, tiny 

yellow pansy that found it's way to the sidewalk on our street.  

A perfect May Day find. 

Wishing all of you a very happy weekend ahead! 


TexWisGirl said…
sweet little surprise bouquet. :) love the moon and sun, too. your shawl is lovely!
RURAL said…
I love your May Day baskets, and the pretty bluebells you have in them. So cute.

And of course I always love the crochet.

CarolHart said…
You do such lovely work! Happy May!
Gillian Olson said…
Happy May Day to you too, love the basket and your crochet, you have been busy!
Kate said…
This post is full of beautiful things Becca! That scarf looks amazing and cozy, and that pillow is gorgeous! And that rocking chair for $25 was a fantastic find!
Happy May to you!
Kate :}
Judy S. said…
Hope you're having a great time weekend in this fabulous weather. Love your projects, too. And we have the same rocking chair! It belonged to our folks, and Mom refinished it in a darker tone than yours. She made a cushion for the seat so it wouldn't get scratched. Another crochet project, maybe?
Caterina Giglio said…
I was in Europe for May Day, in France actually and they were selling tiny baskets of flowers and bouquets of lily of the valley... it was fabulous... x great post!!
Lorraine said…
love your crochet and pretty flowers
Linda Walker said…
I love that beautiful pillow! I am wondering if it was difficult???? the scarf is lovely as well.

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