Fuchsia Plant

Just dropping in to say hello.

This is my new fuchsia plant.  It hangs by my front door.

One of the things I've heard about these beauties is that they prefer cooler, shady climates.

Too much sun and they will start to drop their blossoms more rapidly. 

Some of us are enjoying a lazy Sunday. 

I however, still have work to do!

Hope you are enjoying a lazy, happy Sunday too! 



TexWisGirl said…
love your cute kitties! and that plant is beautiful! it'd die here, for sure!
Anonymous said…
Oh Becca I have the same one, isn't it a gorgeous one and yes, shade, baby, shade. The kitties looks positively blissful in their new home. Bet you are too! xox
Crafting Queen said…
Beautiful flowers but I love your sleepy ginger cats.
Judy S. said…
Looks like the cats have settled in nicely! That's a pretty fuschia; they do like shade. They will even winter-over in the garage if you water them about once a month..
Hi Becca, Yes I enjoyed a lazy Sunday here just like your kitties. Enjoy your week:)
Clare said…
I love fuchias - when we were kids we made ballet dancers out of them. Unfortunately I always seem to kill my fuchias - must get another one and try again!
Tracy said…
Oh, how sweet your kitties curled up & snoozing... And the fuchias are gorgeous! They do seem to prefer a cooler clime. So glad to see your previous post too, and know that all went well with your move and you're starting to sink into your news home. Everything looks so lovely! We're just back from our trip the US. Lovely to catch up here with you, Becca :o) ((HUGS))
That's a gorgeous fuchsia Becca! Hope it does well for you. Your cats look adorable too!
RURAL said…
Looks like everyone is getting settled in nicely. The photo of the kitties is very cute, love their marmalade colors.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Unknown said…
Your kitties look so cute all snuggled up like that.. I know I am just going to love seeing all the pretty flowers you get to have there.. Your fuchsia plant look beautiful..

Lisa Gordon said…
That fuchsia is just gorgeous, but it's those kitties that have my heart!
Unknown said…
I keep a fuchsia at my front door too :)
I always think they look like faeries :)
Pamela said…
My mom has that same plant every year on her front porch that doesn't get a lot of sun.
Love your kitties Becca!!
I bet you are enjoying the cool weather and rain here!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
What a beautiful plant to greet you at your front door Becca! Banjo stayed in the 'lazy position' all day Sunday as well. I worked in my garden all day. It was wonderful!

Hope you are enjoying your new home!
xo Catherine
Lisa Graham said…
So good to see EVERYONE is getting settled and comfortable there in Seattle. Your plant is gorgeous!
Caterina Giglio said…
yes keep them shaded or they get very messy!! sounds like you are enjoying your new environment...
Look at those beautiful furbabies! How are they enjoying their new surroundings? Must be so much for them to smell and discover. :) Best wishes, Tammy
val said…
lovely plant, lovely kitties....glad I sropped by (from T's blog)
Oh, I just want to hug those furry kitties!!! :)

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