Just Outside My Window

It's apparent I've lived in the dried up desert for too many years.

...loving what's outside my window this morning. 

Still trying to make my way to visiting all of you!

For now...wishing you a blissful morning!



TexWisGirl said…
rain and greenery! :) welcome to your new world!
Nancy said…
I love the sound and sight of raindrops, everybit as comforting as the summer sun or winter snowflakes falling :)
Happy Tea Tuesday
Marji said…
Yes, its a rainy one this AM. i love that coffee mug photo. Its a good indoor kinda day, at least this AM, anyway :)
Susan said…
We had a rainy day yesterday and I loved it! (So rare for rain in June here.) Have a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
We have rainy spells here too, of course not as often as your area, but the sound of rain just thrills me to no end. :-))
We just had a shower blow through and now it's over! It cooled the temps a lot! Enjoy your day!
RURAL said…
Have you started to grow webbed feet yet? It will happen, lol.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Welcome to the land of rain and green trees:)....I love hearing the sounds of rain while I type this...very soooothing. have a good day watching the raindrops hit the window. Love the coffee cup shot:)
Unknown said…
Such wonderful shot. I know you are enjoying the rain.. I know I would..

We have spent the last six weeks in Virginia...what a difference! Still not ready to give up my Arizona desert but sometimes makes me wonder!xo
Unknown said…
I'm glad someone's enjoying all of this rain :)
I'm beginning to feel like a mushroom :)
Judy S. said…
Is that a birdcage I spy outside in the rain? It'd be a great place for a plant..... Yes, but we're missing all that Venus stuff behind the clouds and raindrops.:(
Pamela said…
So glad you are loving your new home and weather Becca! I can't imagine living in a hot desert year round.
I find that I am missing the defined seasons of back home. Snowy winters and hot summers with rainy spring.
Can't wait to see more posts of your home!!
Pamela xo
Lisa Graham said…
So nice to see you are enjoying your new location and the rain. The photo of your coffee cup is card quality...extra super good stuff!
Clare said…
Ah rain - it is so beautiful. I can see that you are settling and really enjoying your new home.
Sherri B. said…
What a cool, calming series of photos - lovely!
Beautiful, cleansing rain and green growth. We had blue skies for two days and now the dust is back. Bleh! Hope your day is great. Tammy
Lisa Gordon said…
I can imagine how wonderful this must be after living in a very dry area. I do love the rain, but we've had a bit much of it over the past many days. The weekend promises to be gorgeous though. :-)

Sending you wishes for a wonderful day ahead!
Lorraine said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment Becca. So refreshing to see the pacific northwest through your eyes.
Gillian Olson said…
It is looking very green, love your photos. I enjoy the sound of the rain too as long as it doesnèt rain too hard or for too long. Glad to hear you are getting settled.
Anonymous said…
Oh it must be rain drops!!! A new climate, new weather and gorgeous views. Hope you are settling in. xox
I've loved seeing photos from your new home, Becca...must be so fun settling in!
Tracy said…
Magical rain moments, Becca... Can feel the love in these. LOVE your starfish chime! Hope you're settling in your new home sweetly. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Catherine said…
I love your enthusiasm for the rain Becca - very refreshing! LOL!
xo Catherine
Beautiful rainy days... We too are having lots of rain. I hope you are all settled in to your new home.
Anonymous said…
Warm coffee or cocoa, raindrops and a lush green background...it all looks very cozy, I'm glad.

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