"That's My Spot"

Remember me?  I'm Lucy...

I wanted to show you this really cool spot in my mom's new craft room where I like to take a nap.

There's a big cushy ottoman with a soft blanket right under this window.
Sometimes, when it's not raining, the sun shines through and makes it extra warm and cozy.

Mom puts pretty rocks here to make it all "zen-like." 

This is my big sister, Shatzie.

Sometimes she hisses at me when I'm all goofy running around and playing.  

So, I try to be real quiet when I want to share this spot with her. 

My big sis is like having an extra blanket to nap with. 

Sometimes though, she has a hard time getting comfortable and growls at me a little.

I don't know why...I try to keep her warm too!

Either way, it's just nice she lets me share this spot with her, so I try to be good. 

I love my big sister.

Do you have a favorite spot to take a nap? 

"lil Lucy"


TexWisGirl said…
oh my goodness. they're adorable!!!
Anonymous said…
OMG Becca they look so cute, cuter than cute. I wouldn't mind that spot either. Bet when they curl up with you, you are nice and cozy. xox
They are such pretty kittys. Hope all is well in the new house.
Precious..they sure make themselves comfortable!! My 2 cats are the same as Luci..only Baxter is 20+ lbs and Bailey is about 11. Brothers and are always wanting their own time with me. Pretty view. Are you all settled in?
Hi Lucy,
I think that you have a wonderful spot in which to nap. Looks like big sis is taking up a lot of room but she's sweet, just like you.

My Gizzy and Gabby would love to meet you. But they never lay side by side...never, so you two are lucky to be close.

Lisa Graham said…
Oh my goodness...adorable! My two older kitties long gone used to fight over the sun spot on the floor around 9 am. It was hilarious to watch them. They were not near as cooperative as your babies seem to be.
cute kitty shots and the story it tells. for some reason my two fur babies don't sleep together any more? i wonder why....
What a life! I don't like to nap...I know it's supposed to be good for you but the minute I try to rest, I think of everything I want to do! lol Enjoy your week...and your sweet kitties!
Lisa Gordon said…
Awwww, they are adorable, Becca, and they sure look comfy and happy!
Judy S. said…
Looks like the kitties have settled in quite well, but where's number 3? Wish our two got along as well as yours do! Is that a hummingbird feeder I see?
Tracy said…
Oh, this is so sweet... I'm getting all teary-eyed this is so cute! Love this series of photos, Becca. And in the end it looks like Lucy and Shatzie both found their spots. ;o) It being summer my fave spot to nap is on the deck, in the shade in the lounge chair... and it lucky a little breeze is blowing and cool iced green tea is handy! Oh, and LOVE all your crystals too! So nice to have a peek in your beautiful new home. Happy Days ((HUGS))
Diane said…
Oh what a couple of sweethearts--they must be great art assistants..
I believe the content matter here is rattling magnificent. I genuinely enjoyed reading this article. Thank you!
christina said…
this is so adorable and filled with cuteness!
and is that rain on that window? i love that! wink.
Oh my gosh, Becca! These are the sweetest most precious photos ever! I was smiling all the way through and then laughing out loud when I got to the one where Lucy is really trying to be good even though she's got Shatzie's hind foot across her head. Ha! Hope your day is great. Tammy
Gillian Olson said…
What a great series, they are so cute. Makes me want to take a nap though.
Rosie Grey said…
This is too cute, Becca! And as I see all the rain and green I guess you've already moved to Seattle... :-) Have to catch up on all the news!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness - that is just SO CUTE,
Unknown said…
Awww.. They looks so comfy.. Love these shots..
Catherine said…
That spot looks super cozy Lucy! And how wonderful to have someone to share it with. That always makes it extra special!
xo Catherine
RURAL said…
Adorable and are they settling in OK?

They seem very content.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Halle said…
So cute...almost makes me wants to get another cat....almost. :)
Justine said…
they are so cute, oh I just want to give them a big cuddle, they really are wonderful
oooh Lucy,,,your mom has trained you well and you take such lovely shots of your sisters and your comfy sleeping spot. Must be fun in your new house....
GardenOfDaisies said…
I love this post! It makes me so happy to see my two kitties snuggled up together, too.

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