Monday Musings

Last Monday I celebrated a birthday. :-)

So, on the weekend I got together with my friend, Linda
and she gave me a lovely gift!

This is the envelope it was cool! 
It was all tied up with a raffia ribbon.

I just love all of the collage and stitching she did!

Linda knows how much I LOVE fingerless gloves, so she crocheted this beautiful pair for me! 
No, I don't play the piano with them on, I just thought it would be cute to model them this way since I posted the first photo of myself at the piano. :-)

Here's the color.
I like this color of yarn...I've always called it an "oatmeal" color. 
Someday, maybe I'll get past just making crocheted flowers and learn to make these too.
Thank you Linda, I love them!  

Then, on the weekend I was reading blogs and checked in with my friend Catherine over at 
and she showed a YouTube video of a cat playing with an iPad.
Well, not that I'm a crazy cat lady or anything, but I was on a mission to find that app.
(both "free" apps I downloaded) 
This is Fetzer and he seemed to be pretty amused with it for a while.

My husband said it was more entertaining watching me laughing at it, than watching the cats with it.
Oh well, what can I say, I guess I'm easily entertained by kitty antics.  :-) 

And, now a Lucy update...
Sorry for the blur, but my iPhone was all I had at the moment when I tried to get a shot of Lucy in our Christmas tree. 

"Lucy! You've got some splainin to do!" 

I think these cuddly, fleece sleep pants she found on the bed says it all...

or Nice?  
What do you think? 

Thank you for your sweet comments and wishes on my last post about our move.
We are so excited about this opportunity!  I am so thankful too about the fact that we will have some time to pack and process it all because we won't be moving until the spring.  

It's pretty windy and cold today, so I'm going to make some soup and enjoy a little stitching that I will share with you later. 

Hope you're staying warm in your "neck of the woods"! 



TexWisGirl said…
those kitties are so cute!

and i love those gloves you got! :)
Lorraine said…
Happy belated Becca! Cats & kittens are always so fun to watch.
lilylovekin said…
Happy belated birthday, mine was on Tuesday! It is cold here as I drink coffee to keep warm, your fingerless gloves look like the perfect thing to have.
Rosie Grey said…
Happy belated Birthday, Becca! I hope you had a most wonderful day!! Such lovely gifts and those gloves look gorgeous! Oh, and how I love your kitty photos - those made me smile! And I must admit that I would probably also have downloaded those apps :-) And now I must find your post about moving! A lot to catch up... Have a wonderful week!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Becca. Beautiful fingerless gloves. I love the card too. Silly kitties!!! xox Corrine
Hi Becca, Happy belated Birthday, the gloves are a wonderful colour. I am so glad you are getting your wish, to live in Seattle. Take care, sorry it has been so long since I visited.
ELK said…
happy belated birthday ..your cat photos are so cute ..i love your gloves !!
I love your kitten photos, too...they make me smile! I'm going to show these to hubby, he loves cats! ♥
Caterina Giglio said…
adorable!! and happy birthday!! xx
Judy S. said…
Those gloves will come in handy here; it's chilly~~~~~ Love the kitty photos! Oh, and great Seattle photos!
Catherine said…
Doesn't Linda just do the sweetest envelopes? They are a work of art I think. Your gloves are very cool ~ though I must say ~ they wouldn't do you too much good living in Saskatchewan ~ haha! We need the finger parts here. ;)

Aren't the kitty cat ipad apps fun? Though Banjo didn't seem too thrilled with his. Perhaps it was because I was trying to show it to him while he was snoozing. LOL!

Looks like Lucy is having a lot of fun in the Christmas tree ~ well ~ how can she help herself??

Wishing you a beautiful week Becca!

xo Catherine
Unknown said…
I had read about the games for cats on Catherine's blog and just knew you were going to get that.. I even told Bruce about it.. I wonder how long it will take Bec to get that game on her I-pad!! Lucy looks so cute in that tree!!!

I am so glad you like your gloves.. I need to get busy and make another pair!!

Hugs, Linda
Gillian Olson said…
The card is so cute, and I can look at pictures of cats all day, love 'em. It is nice that you have some time to prepare for your move.
Unknown said…
Happy birthday Becca! I love the gloves! And super cute kitty pics!
Happy Birthday, Becca! What lovely sweet gifts! And Lucy is looking naughty AND nice!
Marilyn said…
Darling kitties. This one does look very mischievous!! I've been catching up on your blog. Congrats on your upcoming move. I'm looking forward to all the glorious garden photos we will see!
Lisa Graham said…
Happy very belated Birthday Becca! Somehow I missed this post and I always watch for you.

I LOVE the gloves your friend made you! I just bought myself a pair but I love the homemade look so much more.

Your kitties are adorable! Lucy looks ornery as ever!

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