Pink Magnolias

Two days ago, I woke up to this beautiful surprise. 

Pink Magnolia blossoms!  

It was quite a surprise because we've been living in this house now 

just under 3 years and I have NEVER seen this bloom. 

I didn't even know it was a magnolia tree! 

It's always been more like a wimpy looking "stick-tree" growing out of the 

middle of some thick and unruly bamboo.

So, one gray and rainy morning, something pretty and pink caught my eye!

I've been so fascinated with it, because it wasn't until we moved to 

Washington that I ever really saw a Magnolia tree. 

Don't you just love the brown felt-like buds that open? 

A happy surprise indeed! 

Found this vintage botanical postcard print on Pinterest.

(original source unknown)

I'm feeling inspired to draw or paint. 

Wishing you all a happy surprise and burst of inspiration! 



TexWisGirl said…
how awesome! i've heard folks refer to that type as tulip magnolia. we have the southern magnolias here - with the white blooms that are as big as a dinner plate.
Judy S. said…
What a nice surprise! Those plants love your tender care and are rewarding you. Aren't you glad you moved here? Spring is my favorite time of year and always full of neat surprises. Have your orange crocuses blossomed yet. I have only one so far.
Since I'm from Mississippi and the magnolia is the state flower, I am familiar with the big white ones TexWiseGirl mentioned, but haven't seen pink ones. A very pretty surprise indeed. Best wishes, Tammy
That is just so beautiful, what a treat to wake up to! Suzy x
Lisa Graham said…
What a beautiful blossom. I saw a very mature Magnolia tree in Virginia once and it was just so gorgeous.The blooms were cream. I have not seen a pink one before though. Stunning. Your photos are gorgeous as always Becca. Happy drawing and painting. xo
Kate said…
So beautiful! What a lovely surprise!! Have fun drawing and painting!
Kate :}
Betty said…
My cousin has one of them in her yard and it is beautiful when in bloom. I told her I want one in our next home.
Beautiful photos, Becca! I never knew there were pink magnolias either!
Unknown said…
Hi Bec, What a beautiful surprise to see, especially when its unexpected.

Hugs, Linda
My Happy Place
Lisa Gordon said…
Just gorgeous, Becca!
Cannot wait to see them here, but I think it's going to be quite a while yet.
RURAL said…
I love that pink.. in fact in White Rock when the stunning magenta pink new varieties first opened I nearly caused a accident by slamming on the brakes.

The color was so vibrant, the trees all lining the was stunning.

What a lovely surprise for you to get your very own gorgeous one.

You will have to show us you paintings later.

Catherine said…
Oh you lucky girl! We haven't had too bad of a winter here but I'm still ready for spring to come and stay.

Happy March Becca!
xo Catherine
Anne Butera said…
So jealous. It'll still be quite a while before we see any flowers here (just snow, snow, snow). Thanks for sharing your beautiful bright pink surprise. It brightened my day!

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