Happy 1st Day of Spring!

I hope this first day of Spring is bringing warmer weather and blue skies to all of you!  Just from reading your blogs and seeing photos of your garden & flowers it's looking "springy" where you are too. 

I had fun watching this little bird at the top of my flowering plum tree.  If you look closely, you can see  he's enjoying the pink flowers as much as I am. 

In honor of Spring, I wanted to share this photo of me helping my Mom by watering her roses.
So, go out and enjoy the day and keep those flowers flourishing! 


One more thing, today is my "Big Sister's" birthday, so I wanted to send her out a Happy Birthday wish.
Disneyland is so much more fun when you have a big sis who'll wear matching Mickey Mouse shirts and go on all the rides with you!  
Love you Cis! 

I'm heading out to enjoy this beautiful weather but I'll be back soon! 


Hi Becca,
Thanks for coming over to my blog. Love the older pictures and your kitty. :)
Such cute old photos! Love the spring pics- our snow is gone, early for MN, but it will be awhile before we have trees in bloom!
starseasons said…
Thanks for the Spring reminder. I spent the day outside planting a new tree and planting a new gaint flower pot with flowers.
Kelee Katillac said…
Hi Becca!

Happy to meet you!

Your photos are so charming! Real treasures.

Thank-you so much for stopping over...

love, kelee
Gorgeous photos, Happy birthday to your sis. Love the blossom, ours is a while away yet,

Sarah x
Deb said…
Hi Becca, thanks for stopping by! Happy spring to you, I am so happy it is finally here! Enjoy your day! Deb
Hey Becca!!!!
Wow girl, I'm totally loving your blog! Matter of fact, I'm totally loving the sneak peeks of your creative nest too...can I come play with you? ;)
Your photos are sooo pretty and I've enjoyed my visit here so much. I'm so appreciative of you being my newest follower...it brought me back here to yours and I just love that we have the same interests! Thank you for finding me!!!!
Unknown said…
Hey Bec,
Love the picture of you on the Dumbo ride I think my mom has one of me on the Teacups. So it looks like you were always into gardening even when you were little!

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