Natures Purples and Blues

Hello friends...

I hope you're not tired of seeing purple and blue yet.

I see from looking back at my last post,

It's pretty obvious I tend to gravitate toward

flowers of this color.

There's a lot of "Spring" popping up around here lately, 

and giving me Spring Fever, 

even though it's still very chilly.

These little beauties were calling out to me, and 

didn't seem to be bothered by the February chill in the air. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to the

Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.

Have you ever been?

I hear it's quite the event!

I'm doing a little crocheting today in between laundry...

guess what color of crochet thread I'm using?


Enjoy your day!



TexWisGirl said…
they're pretty! i haven't seen any here yet. :)
Anonymous said…
Ah irises, what could be more beautiful - expecially these dark blues....xox
Wow Becca, you have spring flowers. It will be weeks before I see these:(
Unknown said…
They sure are pretty. I can't wait to see your photos from the flower and garden show.

Lorraine said…
love the blue of those iris...the bulbs are poking through in the soil now here too but no colours yet
Lisa Graham said…
Just gorgeous...can't wait for Spring. We just got 11.5" of snow so we won't be seeing anything peek through for a few days. Hope you have fun!
Judy S. said…
Have fun at the Garden Show! Surely those irises weren't growing in your yard?
Rosie Grey said…
No, I'm not tired of seeing purple and blue! :-) Quite the contrary!! We are still covered in snow here - no sign of spring or any color at all! So I'm so happy to see the beautiful colours and flowers here! Do take your camera to the garden show - can't wait to see the photos! :-) Have a great day!
Unknown said…
Pretty flowers - irises of some sort?

My husband has plans to take me to the show tomorrow too. We've never been. It should be fun :)
Beautiful, Becca! The color is truly spectacular...and your photos are always WONDERFUL!!
Tracy said…
DAZZLING images, Becca! I adore irises...*swoon*... Have fun at the garden show. Counting on that you'll be taking a LOT of photos while there. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, these are gorgeous!
Hope you get lots of photos at the flower show.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Kate said…
Oh wow, so pretty!!!! You're giving me spring fever!!
Kate :}
RURAL said…
I will never be tired of purples and soothing, and cheerful at the same time.

The NWFGS is amazing...well at least it was all the years I have gone before...we used to charter a bus of gardeners such fun.

Especially when everyone smuggled the illegal plants

Catherine said…
The purples and blues of spring are always the pretties! How wonderful to be enjoying spring already Becca. Jealous!!!

Hope you had a wonderful time at the garden show. I will look forward to photos. :)

xo Catherine
Katy Noelle said…
Oh, how I love blue flowers! They don't show up very well from far away so I'm saving the bright sunflowers and those kinds of colors for down by the road (when we finally dig that garden! ;)) In the meantime, all along the house - right there where we can see it through the windows, there are shades of blue and lavender and anything that will go with those flowers! =]

These irises and the Valentine hyacinths are a refreshing balm to this winter weary heart!!! =]

Linda Vincent said…
What stunningly beautiful photos! Very much admired by Blue Eyed Girl ;-) xx

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