...cold, crisp gray days, 

long, dark evenings made cozy with coffee and wool. 

I love the look of Winter, when nature is at peace. 

Creating and crocheting all things cozy. 

Have you seen the popular "Messy Bun Beanie?" 

I've enjoyed wearing and making these this winter. 

Inspired by some of the colors in nature for my 

scarves and hats. 

 All you need is love, 

and a little cozy wool. :-) 

How are you spending those cold, crisp gray days of January? 



I always love the way you create a feeling with your beautiful photos! Love!
Judy S. said…
Your bun is NOT messy! I want to see the hat you wore to the game yesterday.
So nice to see you posting again.
Anonymous said…
Love the hat! Great colors, it's always the way I think wool should look more natural and marled. xox
Unknown said…
I LOVE this hat, Becca!
Tammie Lee said…
such lovely pieces one and all
the heart is so dear
Diana Seal said…
Hi Becca,
your hat is adorable in the natural color!
Great picture of the lake, it looks so peaceful and serene.
I'm with you, love to sit by the window in the winter, knitting or crocheting or just playing in my stamp-room, happy the yard is asleep to spring and I can play around inside!
Have a great weekend!

Gorgeous yarn colors. And always gorgeous images. :)
Unknown said…
Yarn and coffee.... the perfect match! Your crochet is beautiful and the yarn bowl too!

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