Frosted Flakes

No, not "Tony the Tiger."  Just me today to share the

 crocheted "frosted" snowflakes I've been working on. 


This morning we woke up to very cold and frosty surroundings! 

Even though Mr. Sun came out, the sky was clear and chilly! 

So, I'm thinking what a better background for my colorful 

snowflakes than frost! 

I'm sure if the neighbors saw me outside with my 

camera this morning, they are really thinking 

I'm nuts! 

And...because I can't seem to finish one project before starting another, here is a 

round table runner I am working on. 

This is just the first round...I'm sure you can make it as large as you'd like. 

I think I'll do at least one more round. 

A fun trip to the art supply store, and I managed to come home with this 

cute little wooden, storage box that I decided to decoupage with some  

papers I already had at home.  

I had forgotten how much I love doing this! 

I might add more paint and papers later...we'll see. 

So finally, I thought I'd end with this teal/aqua colored 

Mediterranean table piece I made. 

I already had the thread, and I enjoyed making this,

but now,  I'm not sure if I will actually use this. 

I'm thinking it's more of a summer piece that would look great with some 

chips & salsa and margaritas, 

what do you think? 

So, from frost to the Mediterranean today...what are you dreaming of? 

There's a chance of snow showers tonight.

If not,  I will have to just make some more of my own 

"Frosted Flakes." 

Have a great weekend! 



TexWisGirl said…
love that you put your snowflakes out on the frosty railing! :)

i like your sweet dragonfly you added to your box (with other stuff, of course)

and i like that teal doily table thingie.
Anonymous said…
Your Tony the Tiger flakes are ggggrreat!

You are definitely in a wonderfully creative place right now, Becca...I love all of your beautiful creations!
Everydaythings said…
I just LOVE what youve done - with the box and that delicious table runner too! wow! love them!
Unknown said…
Once again you have lots of pretties to share with us. I had to smile at the frost on your sun. I hope you get some snow this weekend. Enjoy.

Ralph said…
I think these would have made a marvellous picture had they been randomly scattered in the frost.
Lisa Graham said…
Beautiful crochet work your table runner. And now I need to look up Youtube videos on how to decoupage a little chest of drawers like that for my soon-to-be art room! Stay warm friend!
Unknown said…
I love your snowflakes, they are really amazing. the table runner and the other table piece are very nice too. I still haven't gotten the hang of thread crochet. I love the box that you decorated too. It looks like you have been having a lot of fun.
Love those frosted flakes. Such lovely color and light.

Are you sure you only just learned to crochet? Your snowflakes are so beautiful. We don't have frost here, but it sure is nippy with night time temps in the high 30s -- no insulation in these concrete buildings and no central heat so I am feeling quite cold. Your table runner is looking lovely. And the decoupage drawers are great. A friend just asked me today if I had been decoupaging of late -- and I haven't, not in quite some time. The doily you made is a very pretty color. Sending warm wishes your way for a wonderful day. Tammy
Anonymous said…
I heard you were getting cold weather Becca. Love your frosty snowflakes, your crochet is really quite the thing, I am admiring always. xox
Catherine said…
I am dreaming of spring. Warm and wonderful and fabulous spring. I need color. I am tired of all this white snow. :(
Fun snowflakes Becca!
xo Catherine
Tracy said…
LOVE your snowflake crochet, Becca! And I love the delicate star-like crochet too, as well as your aqua table mat. GORGEOUS every one! Your decoupaged mini chest of drawers is so sweet. I used to do a lot of decoupage, which morphed into mixed media canvases. I love gluing paper & stuff! It's snowing here as I write... :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, these are wonderful!
I love all of the colors.
Happy Monday to you!
Lorraine said…
just lovely and elegant and I love that drawer too
Diana Seal said…
Becca, they are just adorable! Very pretty colors!!!
I've kept your post open! I just love what you've been making. I am always inspired when I spend time on your blog!
Anonymous said…
Hello and an answer!

A nice cotton to work with is Bernats. It's 100% cotton, and feels terrific. I cannot stand acrylics of any's cotton, cream and pure all the way!
Hope that helps. Michaels craft store carries it, as well as Walmart, I think.

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina
Judy S. said…
Looks like you're making good use of your new snowflake book, Becca! They are really nice, and so is the turquoise project. Very impressive. I really like the way the dragon fly is continued on the second drawer of your box. We just got back from an interesting, slippery walk; a car slid up onto the sidewalk just behind us. Scary!
beatrice De said…
I am nul in crochet. But sewing, yes. Sorry for my brocken english.
Hello from Lausanne, Switzerland.

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