Random Thoughts...

Hi Friends! 

Well, here we are at the start of a new week. Can you 

believe January is almost over? 

We just returned from a short road trip to Bend, Oregon to visit family.

Wow, was it cold there!  Yes, Seattle is cold now, but there was just something about 

the clear skies and snow on the ground that chilled me to the bone! 

We were only gone 3 days, but boy did I miss my kitty babies!  

I took this photo from my chair where I often crochet or read. 

Lucy decided it was "her time" and not "crochet time." 

So...this is only how far I am on my "Shells Galore" afghan project! 

I am really loving this yarn though...it's so soft and was on sale for 

only $2.99 a skein! 

Another thing I love to do in my chair near the front window is read. 

Have you read this?  Russell just finished it and it sounded very interesting to me. 

It's almost 1500 pages though, so I wonder which I'll finish first...the 

afghan or the book?  Lol! 

This thread crochet project is supposed to be coasters.

I simply like the look of this pattern and will probably make more since I have 

it down. 

Shatzie loves this pillow in front of our fireplace.

She curls up here while I read or crochet.  

I got this pillow at World Market...do you shop there?  

I know my friend Linda does! 

Have you ever tried to "thread crochet" in the car on the road?  

That was a challenge!  

I was getting so excited about this piece, then realized that the reason 

it was "curly" was because it had too many "somethings" in the beginning.

So, the plan is to stop here...find something creative to use it with, and 

start over!  Ugh! 

And...since it's been so gray and foggy out, I thought you might like 

a break from my "foggy photography" 

and like to just see what I have on my desk.  :-)

The last time I walked down to the waterfront,  I picked up some 

smooth stones and wanted to try my hand at painting them! 

This was so fun and relaxing!  

I'm sure I will be doing more of these. 

So, is it cold where you are? 

What are you reading or creating? 

I love hearing from you...thanks for being here! 



TexWisGirl said…
love the painted stone. and your cute kitties. :)
RURAL said…
It's such a visual treat to come and visit your blog....

I bet the kitties were missing you as much as you did them.

Deb said…
Very pretty photos. I don't like being away from my cats, either. It's hard, isn't it? Deb
jinxxxygirl said…
Um.....Lathrop , CA...60 degrees....reading Eragon by Paolini....and creating little trees from Magnolia Tree seed pods....Love your rock dearie! Hugs!deb
Unknown said…
I love seeing your crochet work. It looks so pretty. And I bet your kitties missed you just as much as you missed them. Your painted stone looks pretty as well.. Wishing you a happy week my friend.


PS.. I do love World Market. I just wish there was one closer to me.
Crafting Queen said…
Lovely crochet work and beautiful kitties.
Lorraine said…
hello becca..love that crochet project your are doing and I have some similair thread. I am reading Kristin Lavransdatter a novel based in the 14th century..its quite a heavy read but I am up to page 436 out of 900 pages..its a good bedtime read though. You asked about colour changing in my granny squares..I just finish one row then crochet 3 up with the new colour on the corner and start another colourful row...love colours at the moment and am influenced by Attic 24 and her use of colour. Its still snowing here but the main roads are clear
Catherine said…
Hi Becca! I had Random Thoughts this week as well. Is it the "January Blahs"? LOL! But look at the lovely things you have been up to. You are so creative. I like your rock painting ~ so cute!

Hope you have a wonderful week!
xo Catherine
Clare said…
Hi Becca, what a warm and cosy collection of photos and musings. It is so wonderful to be able to have these delicious little sneaks into lifes, completely different from ones own (mine is hot and humid at the moment. Thank you for sharing.
Unknown said…
My kids have been home for four days in a row now, so I haven't been able to create anything much. We have been having some fun times though. I know that when they go back to school I will be able to get some creative time in. I love the stone that you painted. It looks like it would be a lot of fun.
Anonymous said…
Your desk makes my desk feel so ashamed...please tell me you straightened it up a bit before taking a pic ;)
Anonymous said…
I have so much fun reading your blog, Becca! What am I reading? The second in the book in the Agent Pendergast trilogy, Cold Vengeance. I'm knitting some cool socks right now that look like they are made of feathers! Thanks for all your lovely inspiration.
Lisa Gordon said…
It is beyond cold here, Becca!
Just about 12:30 pm, and it is only 6 degrees.
Kinda tells you what tonight is going to be like. :-(

I absolutely love you painted stone. Lots of wonderful uses for that.

I hope you had a great time away, and it sure looks like your kitties missed you.

Have a wonderful day!
2Shey said…
Hello Becca!
Just stopping by to show some ♥. Like always, I think your pics are amazing & I am MADLY in love with Lucy.
Gillian Olson said…
Somehow cats always manage to find the most comfortable spots, your kitties are so pretty.
I love crochet too but mine has a tendency to become wrinkly on the edge, I guess I must be inventing stitches! The painted rock is lovely.
Connie said…
Hi Becca, I have had such a nice time reading your blog and going through your wonderful photos. There is a lot of lovely eye candy here. I love the crochet project that you are working on, so pretty.
Great rocks, too . . . I have been wanting to do some, but waiting for warm weather and no snow, to go looking for nice smooth rocks.
I am so ready for spring.
Have a marvelous art filled day.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
I always love seeing what you're up to, Becca...lots of beautiful creativity, and your photos are always so lovely!
Alina said…
Awesome, as usual. Very cold here too, can't wait for Spring and its glory XO
Judy S. said…
Looks like that crochet hook of yours has really been busy! Did you find the color you wanted at that link I sent? Or did you trek off to the store? I'm moving right along on SBS and have a few other things going as well, but right now it's time to head off to choir. Have a great evening!
Unknown said…
Your crochet work is really zipping along! And your painted stone is super cute! I am SO glad to say goodbye to all that fog .... It made me appreciate the rain (lol)
andrea creates said…
love your painted stones~and pretty shell crochet!
i too think the coaster probably has 'too many somethings' that made it curly :) it's so pretty tho! sorry im not more helpful but it happens to me too when i'm crocheting circular items~i like to crochet & will be trying some finer thread projects today actually :)...
oh and yes-it's been super cold here.brr-take care and have a super weekend...
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see all has been well...and beautiful too. Wishing you more relaxing, cozy creativity time.

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