Aqua and Sweet Pea Love

Hi Friends! 

I'm back today to show you my latest crocheted piece. 

I had fun working with this lovely Aqua color.

This piece is 17" in diameter.

One of the reasons I love Ball Jars so much...

their beautiful shade of aqua!

Such a summer-ee color don't you think? 

These are sweet peas from my garden. 

I think I planted too many...I have sweet peas growing 

out of my ears this year! 

They are the perfect flower to cut and enjoy 

around the house.

Their scent is heavenly! 

The pattern I used for this doily came from a book I have called 

A Year of Doilies, and this one is "March." 

My husband couldn't believe there was a book for a doily every month. Lol

So, I had to show him my book called "99 Little Doilies."  

We had a good laugh over that. 

Oh no!  Here I go again! 

This is a different pattern from the same book.

I just had to show you the two colors together.

I do have a reason for this lavender one though.

I have a friend that has loved purple since we were kids, and 

I think she would like this.  Her birthday is in August. 

I hope I can finish it...wish me luck! 

We haven't had rain in several weeks and I'm kind of missing it. 

See, it doesn't ALWAYS rain in Seattle. :-) 

Have a great weekend everyone!  



Anonymous said…
I am a total sucker for teal or aqua. Just love them!!
TexWisGirl said…
love the doily and the ball jar!!! so pretty!
Judy S. said…
That's one beautiful doily, Becca! BTW, you can never have too many sweet peas. Things are pretty crazy here.... How did you enjoy the island?
Lisa Graham said…
You are a Doily Goddess Becca and that turquoise jar with the sweet peas is so beautiful!
Tammy said…
Beautiful as always, Becca. Love that shade of blue and your sweetpeas are so pretty. One of my best friends here, Melissa, loves green -- but I kept giving her everything in green and she finally said, you know Tammy, I do like other colors, too. HA! Have a great weekend! Tammy
Dianne said…
LOVE the aqua colored doily, it looks heavenly with the jar!
RURAL said…
Your sweet peas, and doily shots are lovely...makes me nostalgic for all that rain.

I am swooning over the pastel tones of your shots.

Anonymous said…
I didn't know about the ball jars but I have got to get me some. Your crochet is really, really, really getting amazing. xox
Lisa Gordon said…
The aqua and white are so perfect together, Becca!
I love the way you composed each of these, also.
Tracy said…
*BIG SWOON*... that color is GORGEOUS! Just that "perfect" shade of aqua... It really is that lovely Ball Mason Jar! Where did you find the yarn/thread for this piece, Becca? The doily is just so pretty. The purple version is sweet too. Me love pink, aqua-blue and purple. ;o) Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))
Kate said…
Oh my, everything in this post is just beautiful! The doily! The colors! The Ball jar! The flowers! haha! Pure eye candy! Beautiful job on the doily! Love it!!
Kate :}
Marilyn said…
The colors in your crochet are beautiful and my favorites. How I love sweet peas -- I guess I should try planting some in the fall.
Catherine said…
I like the colors of those jars as well. Refreshing!
Wishing you a lovely week Becca!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
I can't believe its been that long since I have looked at blogs.. Where in the heck have I been..

Love, Love, Love this one my friend. That pattern is so pretty and it looks beautiful in that color.

Olga Poltava said…
This doily is simply gorgeous! What a most beautiful color. And the Ball jar with white flowers together with the doily make such a stunning centerpiece. I love it!

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