Fern Leaf Doily


Oh my, I was beginning to think I was never going to finish this doily! 

This one was a bit difficult for me, and tested my patience for sure. :-) 

I've lost count how many times I had to rip out a round or two and 

start over. 


Fern Leaf Doily

This doily measures about 16" in diameter, which makes it the 

largest crochet doily piece I've ever made. 

I'm really kind of surprised it blocked out like it did because when I got it all

pinned down I could see a big mistake...can you?  

I'm not telling! LOL

I found this pattern from a fellow blogger and crochet buddy. :-)

Thanks Kate

for answering my questions and for your words of 


If you'd like to see this doily in a different color and get the 

pattern, I hope you'll visit Kate 

You know, I don't really know why I'm so obsessed with making doilies.

I don't really use them in my home, however, 

I think this one found it's place in our guest room, and the lamp

kind of hides my mistake. :-)

So, what's next you say? 

Well, I'm thinking of something a bit smaller, however,  every time

I visit Kate's blog,  I see another beautiful doily she's made, 

and I'm hooked. 

The ferns I'm showing you today, are from my front yard.

Such an interesting plant, and they love the wet climate here. 

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

I'll be over soon to get caught up with you! 



TexWisGirl said…
the doily is beautiful! and i love the color you chose for it.

yes, i saw your 'mistake' and it just adds character. :) perfection is overrated.

i LOVE your real ferns! so jealous! too hot and dry for them here!
andrea creates said…
wow, so pretty!love the color.
i don't know if i could do something as intricate as a doily~but yours has inspired me to try.... :)
Lisa Graham said…
Great job Becca...wouldn't have been able to pick out any mistakes had you not mention it. I think I could see it after you said something though...but still...it's lovely!!
It's gorgeous and none of us can see the mistake. I'm still crocheting little bracelets like crazy. I think I need to graduate to doilies nest...but they better be easy! lol
Kate said…
You're welcome, Becca, it looks fantastic!! It took me a few minutes to even see the mistake, and with that lamp you can't see it at all! The color you picked for this doily is just PERFECT, and I love your fern photos too!!

Thanks for you kind words, and can't wait to see what you're going to crochet next!
Kate :}
Catherine said…
Oh my gosh that must have been a lot of work Becca. Good for you!! It's very pretty.
Wishing you a most happy week as well.
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
It turned out beautiful. And I love the way it looks on the table. Look how far you have come. I remember when you were just learning how to do the chain stitch.. You have to be pretty darn proud of yourself. And you should be..

Jeane M. said…
The pattern is wonderful. Got another prospect design for this weekend. Got my eye on your next posts.
linda said…
It is a beautiful doily; I wouldn't have noticed the mistake if you didn't mention it either. I love it on the round table with the hydrangeas! Always look forward to your posts.
Judy S. said…
Your "mistake" makes this beautiful piece truly unique, Becca. Good job!
Gorgeous, Becca...I have a new appreciation for doilies! I felt like I was playing hidden pictures looking for the error...and NO, I didn't find it!
Hey Becca! The doily is beautiful. I would never have seen the mistake had you not mentioned it but it doesn't seem to have messed up the pattern at all. No one would ever figure it out, that's for sure. It looks lovely on the table. Best wishes, Tammy
P.S. I've tried to have a couple of ferns here but you know what happens. Dried up in no time. :(

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