A Mother's Day Wish

I just wanted to drop in and wish all of you 

beautiful women out there a 

Happy Mother's Day today! 

I chose a lovely, white lilac I picked from a

neighboring tree down the ally to share with you

on this special day. 

If only I could share the scent of this magnificent bloom! 

Even though I am only "Mother" to 3 fur baby cats, and my own 

Mother has since passed, I am spending my day 

reading, crocheting and simply being around those I love. :-)

The weather this past week has keep me outdoors, away from my computer, 

gardening, enjoying the sunshine, 

and working on this crochet piece.  

I only have two more rounds to go!  I'm also hoping it will look better once

I get it blocked.  Stay tuned for the final showing! :-) 

Overcast skies and rain have returned, so maybe now, I can spend some 

time indoors, visiting blogs and baking cookies! 



Beautiful whiteness in the lilacs and that crocheting is really something.
I hope your fur babies treated you with lots of purrrrs on Mother´s Day.........
TexWisGirl said…
love that beauty of a lilac! thank you!
Anonymous said…
It's a perfect flower to share on this Mother's Day. Thanks so much!
Deb said…
Thank you. Our lilacs are now blooming, too and I have white ones on the table. I love them. Deb
Lovely images and your crochet is amazing! You're very clever :)
Ruth (Tawny Moon Studio)
Halle said…
I ca just imagine the glorious smell from those lilacs. Beautiful crochet.
Judy S. said…
That's such a pretty crocheted piece, Becca. Loved your tulip photos. My sister left our great weather only to drive through a snowstorm on the way home from coffee with a friend. Go figure! She and Ted hated to leave.
Kate said…
Happy mother's day Becca!!! Such a lovely lilac!! And your doily is looking great, and will definitely block out well!
Kate :}
Catherine said…
I wish I could smell those beautiful lilacs! I'm glad you are enjoying lovely weather my friend. Me too! Finally!
xo Catherine
Tracy said…
Oooo... white lilacs--my favorite! Wish I had a scratch-n-sniff screen... LOL! Your crochet is gorgeous, Becca! I'm still working on my ripple blanket--80% now now. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
Marvelous lilac, none are out here yet, but I look forward to that intoxicating scent. Glad you had a happy Mother's Day, me too. xox
I love the white lilacs...I am hoping to get over to the garden store this week and find a pretty one to plant! The crocheting is beautiful...and the color is wonderful!
Lisa Graham said…
Aw...what a nice way to spend the day..thanks for the flowers Becca! Bet they DO smell amazing. Your crochet looks perfect to me. Kiss your fur babies for me.
Unknown said…
Those lilacs look beautiful my friend. Its nice and HOT here today. They say its our first day in the 100's. Oh how I wish we could have some of your overcast weather right now.

Rosie Grey said…
Such beautiful lilacs, Becca! I think they are so difficult to photograph, but yours are gorgeous!
Have a wonderful week!

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