"Think" Cool Thoughts

It's 110 degrees outside today, and this past weekend was so hot you just don't enjoy being outdoors.
  Even in the evenings, and early mornings it's too uncomfortable to sit outside!

However,  instead of complaining that I can't "play outside today" I'm just going to be thankful I have a "cool" house and I can share with you some photos I've taken that helps bring my temperature down a bit.

Yes, this is a rain chain and no, it hasn't rained enough here to work properly, but it still makes me "think" cooler thoughts! :-)
If you're interested in my story about my rain chain, you can read my previous post here

If it's too hot where you are too, I hope my photos brought a refreshing breeze your way!
It's going to be a crazy, busy week ahead, but I'll be back on the weekend.
Have a great week,


Catherine said…
My goodness ~ if only we could mix your heat with my cool rain ~ oh what a glorious day we would have!

Have a lovely week Becca!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
Very Pretty Pictures! I still laugh that you bought a rain chain here in Vegas, Even funnier is that they sell them here!
Becca~ what lovely photos~ pure eye candy! Weird...I was writing this when your email to me popped in! You really are a good photographer! Thanks for sharing these!
Lynn Stevens said…
hot? not here, we finally had a nice day today in the low 70's, all its done here is rain, we really could have used your rain chain! LOL
Lovely pics of your flowers and the Sun tea!
Kelly Warren said…
great shots, Becca! I think the one I like the is the grass. So simple, yet so "green"!
Pamela said…
Hi Becca

Could you send some heat this way?! It's been unseasonably cool here they tell me a high of maybe 70? Back where i come from it's been in the 80's which is what i like!
Those rain chains are so popular here because it rains at least a couple times a week. I can't complain it is sooo green here though.

Love your photos they are so vibrant!!
Pamela xo
Carole said…
lovely photo's, lovely blog :) x
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Oh my, these blue lovelies are gorgeous. That shade of blue is stunning!

Hope your week is great so far. xx
Alina said…
Excellent photos and excellent attitude. Looking for the positive in every situation! XO
Kelly M. said…
You certainly cooled me off with these beautiful images -- love your rain chain! Many thanks for stopping by my blog, too -- :-)
A rain chain...I'm not sure I've ever seen one but I like it! I'll have to google this to learn more! Your photos are always amazing! ♥

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