Traveling Light

"take me with you" 

"don't leave me" 

"when are you coming home?"

I just wanted to post a quick hello before we left for our trip to the Pacific Northwest. 
Yes, I am looking forward to a nice trip, but I'm not very good at packing nor leaving home for that matter.  
I'm always frantically running around last minute making sure I have everything and worrying about what I might be forgetting, but ultimately, the 2 most important things I worry about are my "babies." (yes, I am a crazy cat lady!)  We do have a very sweet person who will be house/cat sitting for us so I know they will be fine, but the night before we leave my cats always seem to say, "Hey, where are you going?"  "When are you coming home?" "Can I go too?"  I always feel so sad leaving them.  I know, weird right?  I can't help it, I love them so much. :-)

This will be a "road trip" this time too.  There's going to be lots and lots of driving, and the first day is the worst, most boring, hot, ugly, desert day, then the next day will be cooler, green and "almost there." My hubby doesn't mind the driving at all, I'm the one who's whining and asking "are we there yet?" 

Oh, and another thing, I'm trying to decide what to bring as far as books, art supplies, etc.  So, other than my camera, & Macbook, (which is probably all I'll need) I think I'm going to bring a needle, thread, and some fabric to practice my stitching!  

This is another one of my little pillows, that I'm working on.  I don't really know that many stitches yet, so maybe I'll have time to work on a few different stitches & beading while I'm away. 
What art supplies do you like to take with you when you travel?  
Hope everyone is having a good week, and I look forward to sharing some fun photos with you during my trip. 


Alina said…
Becca, I am the same way. I get panicky the few hours right before a trip. I don't have any pets (due to severe allergies, unfortunately!) but when I did have my cat Sweetie I cried everytime I had to leave her. I hope you have a safe and joyful trip and can't wait to see the wonderful photos you will bring back :0) (I only bring my Journal and camera when I travel...your stitches are perfect!) XO
Unknown said…
Becca, Have a great trip! I'm the same way about my babies. I love a road trip, would rather drive then fly. I'm off to Montana next week so I will be going thru what you are going thru.
Have fun!
KarenSue the new background.
Catherine said…
Don't worry Becca ~ I always hate leaving Banjo as well ~ but cats seem to fair for a few days on their own don't they.

Your pillow is cute! I usually just take a few magazines to read while hubby is driving. :)

Have a safe and happy trip!
xo Catherine
andrea creates said…
How cute!
Our pets have always seemed to "know" when we were about to leave.I don't know how they sense that...but they'd start acting extra clingy...
Have a great trip :)
Lisa said…
I am like that, too, and hardly ever go anywhere as a result!

I typically take yarn and a crochet hook with me.

Have a wonderful trip!
Unknown said…
Hey Girly... Well you already know my story, we go camping and take the cats along.. I hope you have a fabulous time.. soak up all that cool weather.. bring some back with you! Your little pillow looks great! As you already know, I usually crochet while my hubby is driving..

Hugs, Linda
Jillayne said…
That pillow is so cute! It would be the perfect thing for travelling - I usually take hand piecing for quilting or a small needlework project. Oten times I don't take anything, especially if I am going somewhere I haven't been before - then I just take my idea book. I understand about your cats; Boz gets in a funk if he sees the suitcases come out so we tend to pack in secret. Have a great trip and I look forward to reading the highlights on here!
Pamela said…
Have a wonderful trip Becca!

I hate leaving my pets too. I am going away this weekend and my dog is going to board with her trainer so that makes me relieved but my kitties will be alone. When i pull out that suitcase they always know!
Your cats act just like mine!

You will love Victoria!! I cannot wait to hear what you think about it. My cousin is flying out here from northern Ontario, Canada so i will be taking her to Victoria!
Take lots of photos!!!
Pamela xo

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