The faces of my garden

I started looking around my garden, and noticed I had a lot of suns.  I have suns with faces, moons with faces, and just some "faces."  Weird?  I don't know, but I like it.  Maybe it's the mystery of the expressions on each face that intrigue me. 

Not all of the faces in my garden are made of tara cotta, plaster, or metal.  
So the next time you're in your garden, see how many faces you can see!

Enjoy your day!


Unknown said…
I just Love all those Sun's... especially the Pansy. I think its smiling at me!

Hugs, Linda
Jillayne said…
Face #2 is fantastic!
OH I love these, Becca! What great expressions!
Carole said…
I just love these faces !! I too have some faces hidden away in my garden ... :) love all of your wonderful photo's x
Brenda Pruitt said…
These are so beautiful! I have a think for them myself. Mine just aren't nearly as pretty or interesting.
Mary Ann said…
great post and these are beautiful garden ornaments. thanks so much for your sweet comments. you can see, i can't live without this laptop and blogging! have a restful evening..verbena cottage
Catherine said…
I have a lot of suns and moons in my garden as well Becca. Aren't they lovely? I will share mine in a post as well one day. They are one of my favourite parts of my garden.

Very fun!
xo Catherine
Lorraine said…
Lovely photos Becca!
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!

Even the pansy has a face! Love your photos. It looks by the photos to be so sunny and hot there. Can you send some heat!!

Sadly only 2 glasses made it :( !
So i have left the 2 glasses on display to remind my husband of it!

I'm taking your advice and going to have that bath!
Pamela xo
Anonymous said…
Becca, all of these faces are in your garden? Goodness! Something smiling at you everywhere! :-)
Melissa said…
Love your posts! I just put some pictures on my blog and one is a face in my garden as well...totally reminded me of your garden expressions! Lovin your blog Patina Moon!!!

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