Hello September

I am so happy September has arrived! 

Cooler breezes and the cozy sound of a wind chime 

are filling the house today. 

It's only the first of September, but I am so ready to say 

good-bye to summer. 

All those beautiful Autumn colors! 

I know a few people that aren't ready to say good-bye to 

summer just yet, so I created these little sachets filled 

with lavender to help keep those warm summer memories alive. 

I've been wanting to sew again,  so this was a fun way to 

get back to sewing and still use my crochet. 

Every once in a while, I still find a stone that needs a cover.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of making these. 

First I start with a pattern, then sort of adjust it to fit the shape 

of the stone. 

You might remember my linen starfish from a previous post. 

My friend, Sharon mentioned how much she loved them, so 

I made her a small chain of them for her Birthday. 

Here's a photo she took so I could see how 

she was decorating with them. 

I'm thinking if I can get busy and make some more of these,  

they'd be pretty on a Christmas tree!

Hum...how many more days until Christmas?  

So,  how are you feeling about September where you live? 

Are you happy for the change of seasons, or 

sad to see summer end?  

I don't think Lucy here is bothered either way, 

do you? 

Hope you have a great start to your week! 



TexWisGirl said…
september brings a promise to texas of cooler temps and maybe rain to bring back some green! :)
Anonymous said…
I love your blog, Becca. It makes me happy!
I always love seeing your wonderful creations, Becca...the covered stones are a special favorite! We had a wonderful summer this year, but it is definitely starting to feel like fall is coming quickly here, too!
Anonymous said…
lovely blog and posts ❤
Tracy said…
LOVELY images of seasonal delights! Those crochet-edged sachets are sooo sweet! And LOVE those crochets starfish--WOW--sooo pretty & fun! I love September, always have. I like the change to autumn and the sweet days & holidays as year's end approaches. We should be more like, kitties... never bothered by seasonal changes, weather, etc. ;o) Lovely Miss Lucy... Happy Autumn Days, Becca ((HUGS))

Anonymous said…
Perfect Fall vignettes, so pretty those crochet edges and glorious fabrics and colors. You are so talented. xox
Lisa Gordon said…
I just love those little stone covers, Becca!

I really love all of the seasons, although the cold last winter was a bit much, so yes, I am looking forward to fall, and all the wonderfulness that comes with it.

Happy day to you, my friend! xo.
Kate said…
Such lovely photos Becca! Your crocheted rocks are so pretty and the starfish strand looks so perfect in your friend's house!

I personally am a little sad to see summer go, but am excited about the colors that comes with fall!

Lucy looks like she's had a good long day of crafting!

Kate :}
Judy S. said…
Looks to me like Lucy likes the sunshine? And you know about me and Sol! The days are getting shorter as well as cooler. Our Chicago daughter just phoned to say they now have 3 chickens; wonder how they'll like those winters? Hope you had a nice Labor Day!
andrea creates said…
these are great becca! i love those sachets and the starfish are a really nice gift...
thanks for stopping by :)
Silvina Soave said…
Preciosas imágenes, encantadores los detalles al crochet y la foto del gato es espectacular!
Oops! This post is from September 1st and somehow I missed it. Lucy sure looks comfy. Your desk is filled with so many beautiful things. I have such a mess around here. And can't muster the energy to get organized. Or to even clean. Bleh! Love those little sachet with the crochet edge. and your pretty crocheted rocks. And those starfish. Ahhh! Everything is lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

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