On a warm December day...

Fetzer wanted me to show you our Christmas tree. 

I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. 
The fact that our temperatures are almost reaching 70 degrees might have something to do with it.
At least it cools off to the 40's at night, and we can have the fire on, but this is what I wore today. 

My MIL will be here in a couple of weeks to spend Christmas with us.  
We enjoy having her with us, but I need to get my behind in gear and get my craft room guest room decorated and ready for her.  I do hope the nice weather holds up for her.  She lives in Bend, Oregon and it is very cold and snowy up there this time of year.  

This Friday night I'm going to get all "dolled" up and go to a Holiday Party with my hubby. 
The party will be at one of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.  The weather is supposed to still be pretty mild, so at least I won't freeze in my party dress!  I have to admit that even though I'm sure we'll have a good time,  I always look forward to getting home to my soft, flannel, PJ's and sitting by the fire. 

Stay warm.



Angela said…
Your tree is beautiful!!
Anonymous said…
It looks so pretty. I just heard we might even reach 80 degrees this weekend! I've never lived where it snows but it sure looks alot more Christmasy than here...Have fun at the party!
Lynn Stevens said…
More gorgeous photos! I need your camera! It would be hard to get in the spirit with 70 degree temps, your welcome to all of our snow!
Have fun at the Christmas party I bet its gorgeous in Vegas at Christmas!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful decorations, photographs and a Christmas tree!
I like simple and elegant details. Best regards from rainy Croatia, Zondra Art
andrea creates said…
oh it looks great!
i think we're at 10 degrees this morning!brrr-still not used to it :0
Unknown said…
Your Tree looks so pretty. My favorite photo is the one of Fetzer by the tree.. It so cute!!!

Hugs, Linda
leslie said…
Hi Becca,
Visiting your blog from soul aperture. I love your photography and mixed media crafting. That's my passion as well.
Pamela said…
Your tree is beautiful Becca and from what I see I really like your living room! Fetzer is a doll...I can't wait to get another kitty!

I can't believe you still get to wear flip flops omg! Back home they are having sooo much snow. One area received 6ft already and I am jealous! We are having so much rain that it is hard to drive in. Lots of heavy down pours . My son keeps telling me its because we live in the rain forest. True.
Oregon sounds beautiful especially with all the snow. Is that where your hubby is from?

I have to tell you that you cracked me up with the tumbleweed comment! I love sarcasm! That comment was right up there with the plastic surgery and monkey one lol !

I want to see photos of you all dolled up on the strip!!
Pamela xo :)
Fetzer is so cute! Your room looks so cozy, I can see why you'd want to curl up in your pjs! I've lived in the south and west so have spent many warm Christmases, too~ in California many people made tumbleweed snowmen decorations! Hope you post a pic from the party all dolled up!
Justine said…
your cat, your tree, your decorations, they are all so beautiful, such gorgeous pictures. I will it was 70 here, I am so cold and my house is freezing! you are a saint having your mother in law to stay, shame you have to give up your craft room for the time. Absolutely love these photographs.
Alina said…
Fetzer is sooo handsome =) I also love to come home and just lounge in my pj's, going out is nice, but "there is no place like home" Love your tree! XO
gail said…
Beautiful photos...love the flip flops!
I'm with you...my favorite time is flannel and lounge time. I'm getting to be more and more of a homebody!
Brenda Pruitt said…
I'm so glad he did show us the tree! Quite beautiful! I know just what you mean. Cold one day and hot the next here too.
leslie said…
Hi Becca,
Thanks for stopping by. I'm still a newbie blogger but I am enjoying it. I lingered a little longer on your blog this afternoon and I have to say your images are great!
Such sweet photos...and such an innocent little kitty! We are having some unusual COLD here in Florida! Enjoy your nice weather! ♥
Stampindamour said…
Beautiful, dreaming photos! It's warm here in Phoenix too...I'm so jealous of places that have snow right now. Holiday wishes! :)

Stampindamour said…
oops! I meant "dreamy" photos. :)
Halle said…
Wow...flip-flops and Christmas trees...not the typical fare in MN. Although I do fantasize about Christmas on a tropical beach sometime....when the kids are grown and gone.
Hi Becca,

Your tree is beautiful and so is your living room. I know what you mean about not being in the Christmas spirit, and we have had lots of snow already so I can't blame it on the weather.

We don't have our tree up yet, but have a few other things up.

Take care,

Anonymous said…
Fetzer looks like he's a good boy and leaves the tree alone. ;-)
Jillayne said…
Fetzer is so cute! He looks like he is about to get into some kind of mischief! Have fun getting dollie up but I'm with you - it's always so nice to come home and get in your jammies and wriggle your toes. Have fun!
Catherine said…
Flip flops by your door! Oh my goodness... I have boots, and mittens, and toques, and scarves, and... well... I'm sure you get the picture. :(

Your tree is sure pretty!

Hugs to Fetzer!
xo Catherine
Ashley Sisk said…
Everything looks so beautiful and I've just realized that I need to make sure my reader is getting your feed. Sorry about that - I hope you're having an awesome weekend!
Susan Tuttle said…
your home looks lovely for the season!
Rosie Grey said…
What beautiful photos - adorable!
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, So nice to see your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas
I've got a few cats to help with my decorating as well. Well, I say help but you know what I mean.
Lisa Gordon said…
All of these are beautiful, but that first one is absolutely precious!
what a lovely tree and warm photographs! I needed this today! :)
christina said…
all of it so beautiful. i bet you will have a wonderful time at the party. ; )

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