Scavenger Hunt Sunday Photo Challenge

It's been a while since I've participated in Ashley Sisk's 
Sunday Scavenger Hunt  Photo Challenge.
 Ashley is using one of my suggestions,  "The Wind" 
So I figured I'd better not miss out on this one! 
I'm afraid I cheated a bit because every one of my photos are from my archives. 
Hopefully since this is such a busy time of year, she'll let me slide! 
The five items this Sunday are: 
1. Winter
2. B&W with Selective Coloring
3. The Wind
4. Framed
5. Remember When

Here are my interpretations for the five. 

1. Winter
(Las Vegas snow, December backyard)

2. B&W with Selective Coloring
(Half Moon Bay, California 2010)

3. The Wind
(Maui, Hawaii 2006)

4. Framed
(Our first home together, framed, 2005)

5. Remember when
(That's me, Christmas, a long time ago!)

Remember,  if you'd like to participate, or see some of the other entries in the Photo Scavenger Hunt you can visit here. 

Hope everyone is enjoying all of their holiday preparations and happenings!

I'll be back soon for more Christmas cheer!



Christy said…
That is an awesome Selective Coloring shot. You have great shots.
Ashley Sisk said…
I'm so excited that you participated this week...your selective color and wind shots are amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Unknown said…
All your photo's look wonderful.. I would say my favorite is the wind shot. I love the editing on it.. I am just loving this weather we are having. But I do need to get out and do a little more shopping today. Yuk.. Hope you are having a happy day my friend.. Hugs, Linda
Pamela said…
These photos are awesome and I love hearing Ella!!!
That first photo brought back so many memories! Oh I miss seeing the snow covering everything like that!
Is that you in the santa photo Becca? You are just too cute!!!
Pamela xo
Unknown said…
2 and 3 are my favs absolutely. The wind is amazing photo, I really like.
SarahinSC said…
Your wind shot is amazing!
Buckeroomama said…
Your Winter shot is just awesome! Wow, so much snow. :)

LOVE your B&W with selective color, too!
Barbara said…
Love that shot for wind - wonderful.
Hi Becca

My back garden just looks like that now in your winter shot. I adore that black and white selective and wind shot the best.
Sonia said…
I love your winter! That's a lot of snow!
Dazee Dreamer said…
what a great idea for the framed. loved all your photos.
Rosie Grey said…
Gorgeous photos! And the "wind" photo is such a gorgeous interpretation!
Justine said…
I love these photographs and especially love the wind - what a great shot.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos!!!
andrea creates said…
great photos!
our home today looks a lot like the snow in the first one :)
Summer said…
Wow, you have some awesome shots. My fav is your B&W with selective coloring. Very cool.
Anonymous said…
Great idea for framed! The pic of half moon bay is wonderful!
Pam Bowers said…
I love your wind shot. Great job!
Great shots, love the first one of the patio furniture. Have a great week.
lilylovekin said…
You are so creative with your interpretations, I love seeing what you come up. Great photos!
Lovely photos, Becca...and you look SO cute with Santa!
Anonymous said…
These are all great. I really love your selective color photo.
Brianne said…
I love the BW shot!
Seizing My Day said…
Fabulous pictures!! LOVE the selective B&W!! ;)
Lisa Gordon said…
Really fantastic Becca!
Love the first one :-)
Betty Jo said…
All of the photos are awesome but the B&W with selective color is super awesome. ♥
Hen said…
Hi Becca,

Thanks so much for your comment and a very Happy christmas to you too! Love the last photo of you with Santa!
Hen xxx

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