Strolling in the park

Ok, I will "try" to do this post without any sarcasm. 
I really did try to walk around this park and take some interesting photos, but it wasn't the best  time of day for photography, and it was hot out there! 

I don't know what type of desert plant this is, and they were kind of crunchy, so I thought they were dead, but looked kind of interesting anyway.  I think they would look nice in an Autumn floral arrangement.  I should have picked some, after all there wasn't a sole there today at this lovely park. 

I understand we do have a water shortage here, but the plain dirt and occasional desert plant just doesn't look "park like" to me.  I  think this might look better if it would have been closer to sunset, maybe I'll try that sometime. 

Here's the part where I "strolled."

...and "strolled" some more...

In case you were wondering what the black fence is, it's a Dog Park.  Do you have those where you live?  Now, I have seen a couple of Dog Parks here that have grass, or at least the last time I was there, they had grass. 

At least there's shade, but I thought that dogs liked to run around on grass, not dirt. 

I guess the city does try to make the area nice. 

They put these cool little designs in some of the sidewalks. 

This is a view looking west from the park.  My house is up there somewhere, and we get to enjoy some pretty nice sunsets. 

I saved the best one for last.  I really do like this photo.  This might not be my idea of a park, and I didn't see any hydrangeas anywhere, (sorry, there's the sarcasm) but instead of making fun of this park every time we drive by I thought I'd at least take a "stroll" and look for some photo opts. 
When they say "the grass isn't always greener on the other side, " I say...
sometimes it is! 

Tomorrow is Friday! 
I think this is going to be one interesting weekend for me. 

See you soon! 


Well I think grass would be nicer for the dogs to run around on. Nice photos of the park. Have a wonderful weekend.
Catherine said…
Hi Becca ~ I can almost feel the heat coming off your photos! :) Your park sure is different then what we have here ~ and no dog parks!

Hope you have a terrific weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
andrea creates said…
your close up photos are very cool-wonder what that dried 'crunchy' plant is?
i'm pretty familiar with desert scenes,coming from california and i have been to vegas many times....but i've never seen a dog park with no grass,lol ;)
Ashley Sisk said…
I think it was the 2nd photo that I really loved - something about the simplicity and processing. Great work.
Betty Jo said…
You did an awesome job on your park photos. It's cooling off here a bit, and I'm thrilled.

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