Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

It's time to play Scavenger Hunt Sunday again! 
This week's items are as follows: 

1. Golden
2. Smell
3. Fruit
4. Simple
5. Sports

Here are my interpretations

I took this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge this past July during my visit to San Francisco, California.

I'm thinking I was a hippy in another life.  I burn this Nag Champra all the time.
I love the smell it leaves in the room.

I love fruit!  However, this was the only fruit I had today...a big bag of "Cuties"

Not originally what I had in mind for this one, but I think it works don't you? 

So, for those of you that don't already know, tennis is my game!  

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks photo Scavenger Hunt.
Don't forget to check out all the other entries over at Ashley Sisk's blog 

Thanks for dropping by!
I'll be back soon with some rain photos...yes, it FINALLY rained here in Las Vegas!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



R Montalban said…
Lucky you for getting to do the Golden Gate bridge, very apt indeed. Love mandarines, they are so juicy and yummy, and cutie is a good name for them, not heard that before! Nice shots taken, and you even have orange sewn up for next week!
Satakieli said…
Great choices for the prompts! My favourite is the flower for "simple".... gorgeous!
Darlene said…
These are all great shots. My favorites are the "simple" and "smell."
Michelle said…
These are all beautiful!! I can't even pick a favourite, lol
Christine said…
Love the smell shot! And what a great idea for golden!
Catherine said…
The flower in the cup is so cute and I really like the photo of the smoke drifting up ~ very nice!

Happy Sunday Becca!
xo Catherine
Becky Shander said…
All five are fantastic!
Unknown said…
These look wonderful.. Love them all.. Chat with you soon..
SZM said…
Golden Gate was so clever! I am headed to San Fran excited!
I think you'll take the cake for Golden today, prime local! My husband loves tennis...I'm so bad at it! Your music is great :)
Rosie Grey said…
Oh wow, I love your photos! Great interpretations!
Reading Allowed said…
oh my gosh I love your smell shot! The light is just perfect and I love the blue and brown that are coming through in the smoke. GREAT shot! Was that hard to capture?
Maureen said…
well done.
love that shot of the bridge. i have one taken from that same look out, reminds me of my trip.
i love your take on smoke. perfect.
beautiful work
have a great week!
♥ maureen
Anonymous said…
WOW That incense shot is GREAT!!! (And you just HAD to go there with the SF shot! I miss California!)
Here's mine
Ashley Sisk said…
Each and everyone of these is just wonderful...seriously Becca! I absolutely love your golden shot, and now I'm off to run outside to show my husband. He loves San Fran and would be in heaven. Nice work.
Marty Mason said…
Your scavenger interpretations are delightful....who would have conjured up the GGbridge for golden....had to have been there!
Lisa Gordon said…
These are all such great shot. I especially like your interpretation for Smell.
Great the "smell" shot! :)
I love your choices, Becca. I almost participated this time, and came up with entirely different ideas than you did. I am still busy working on posting the photos from our trip to Kansas; but I think I will join in you in your scavenger hunt someday soon.

Zoe said…
I really love the shot of the incense smoke, it's beautiful!
Justine said…
these are fantastic, especially the incense smoke, beautiful
Anonymous said…
Rain in the Southwest? It's about time... bet all the desert rats are happy.

An ex-Arizonan
Anonymous said…
I love your simple and fruit shot. Great job this week!
lilylovekin said…
Love the incense shot with the smoke. The golden shot wants me to take an afternoon drive (we live close enough)
Sievertsen said…
FABTASTIC smell photo!
Anonymous said…
I love the incense one, even though I'm more of a candle girl. The incense photographs beautifully!
Anonymous said…
Love the smoke shot, the hints of blue in the smoke, its lovely!
Tennis is my game too! Love the sound of racket on ball when its hit right.
Tara said…
Great shots! Love your golden shot the most!!
Pam Bowers said…
Great shots. Clever on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Betty Jo said…
Becca these are super photos! But, I think my fave is the fruit. That is just so colorful and beautiful. Makes my mouth water! ♥
Unknown said…
Oh goodness! The smell shot is amazing!
Jhen.Stark said…
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your "smell" capture! Its truly amazing and just beautiful!!!!
I love all your photos for the scavenger hunt. Take care and have a great week.
cooperl788 said…
Your photos are great - my favorite is of the Golden Gate bridge. It's amazing how you caught it with hardly any fog around it. I have such a soft spot for my hometown!
These are beautiful, Becca...and the "cutie" is mouthwatering!
Unknown said…
Great shots, specially the one of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Susan said…
I love the smoky incense shot and the simple flower is great.

The angle you took the Golden Gate from is splendid; most of the ones I’ve seen are taken from the other side.
Great shots!!!! I really love your smell!!! Thanks for visiting!
Pamela said…
Great photos again Becca! But how you come up with the photos is great. I never would have thought of a photo of incense! That's cool. I love incense.
I can picture you playing tennis! Tennis is a real workout too!!
Pamela xo
Unknown said…
Your photos are amazing!! :)

Unknown said…
I love these! So great. I love the interpretation for golden and the smell shot - how in the world did you capture that vapor?? I also really like simple.
Clare B said…
I really like you smell photo, and the fruit. I think they're my favourites of your picks, but they are all really lovely.
Nancy E said…
Wonderful photography! Thanks for sharing. The smell one is my fave too! Nice!

My selections for the week:

Anika said…
Smell is beautiful! And why didn't I think of using the Golden Gate?!! Great collection!
Simon said…
I love your interpretations for the scavenger hunt. The orange is my favorite. Great detail. You always have such amazing images.

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