Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi bloggers!  I'm playing along again with Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and the items this week are as follows: 

1. My Town
2. Something Vintage
3. Tilt-Shift Photography
4. Dress Up
5. Chocolate 

Here are my interpretations for the 5, hope you enjoy! 

1. My Town

For those of you that haven't already figured out by reading my blog, "my town" is Las Vegas, but I'm hoping that someday...soon,  "my town" will be Seattle!

2. Something Vintage
This was difficult to choose,  because I LOVE Vintage!  Some of my favorite vintage things are sewing notions like these vintage bobbins and perfect Mason Ball jars. 

3. Tilt-Shift Photography
Ashley, this was fun!  I had never heard of "tilt shift photography", but after watching a tutorial on how to do this in Photoshop, this is what I came up with. 
I took this photo while at a Seahawks football game last year.  I edited this in Photoshop CS3 to give it this "model" apperance/tilt-shift photography.  Thanks Ashley, this was fun to learn! 

4. Dress Up

I know that this category was probably supposed to be for Halloween Costumes, but I wasn't anywhere where I could photograph someone in a costume and since I didn't have children of my own, this was all I could come up with.  Both photos were taken with my camera, and I thought the first one kind of went with the "my town" too.  I am the second one from the right.  This was a part time, weekend gig I used to have at Caesars Palace.  The second photo was from a shoot that we did for a local theatre group production of Oklahoma!  I played the role of Gertie Cummings. So when I think of "dress up" I think of the shows/theatre I've been in. 

5. Chocolate
For me, chocolate isn't just for Halloween, but everyday of the year!  This is the lid from a vintage can of powdered Ghirardelli Chocolate mix. 

Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to hop on over to Ashley's blog to see all of the other Scavenger Hunt enteries! 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  See you in a couple of days!



Reading Allowed said…
Wow, great job! I don't even know what to say because I want to say something about each and every one of them. I LOVE your interpretation of 'my town,' it's a great composition and a creative idea! I also love your Ghirardelli shot. That could be in an advertisement, seriously. Great photos!
Pam Bowers said…
Neat tilt shift. I struggles=d with that one. I love your vintage. Ghiradelli is yummo!
Pam Bowers said…
Apparently I also struggle with the word struggle!
Anonymous said…
I have to say that the "my town" shot won me over... Vegas is my love :)! Great tiltshift too.
Justine said…
these are all fantastic shots, love the tilt shift and love your dress up! great stuff. I am hosting the sunday creative so please will you visit and post??
R Montalban said…
Your tilt shift worked a treat
Halie said…
You did everything marvelously. Now which one is my favorite? Kinda hard to choose.

I'd go for the chocolate photo though.

If you have time, do drop by:

My Entry
Zoe said…
I love your vintage photo so much!
Betty Jo said…
Becca these are all super, but my fave is the vintage thread jar.
gorgeous photos! I especially love that old Ball canning jar with the itty bitty spools - drool! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!
Amber said…
Your photos are fantastic. I love the lighting and how it gives just that little extra the vintage items need to stand out.
SarahinSC said…
Love, love, love your seattle shot!
Love your vintage photo, there is something that just draws you in for a moment :) I'm glad you entered this week, always enjoy seeing what you see. Awesome!
Ashley Sisk said…
I love your photos as a series - you really put a lot of thought behind them and I love it. I love that first shot and I love your tilt shift experiment as well. Great work!
Becca these are really good especially your vintage shots and that lovely chocolate.
hannah m said…
These are all great, but I adore your vintage shot! And the chocolate looks amazing;)
Catherine said…
Chocolate as an every day event goes without saying Becca! :)

Lovely photos! Happy Halloween Sunday!
xo Catherine
Buckeroomama said…
Fantastic photos! I especially love the mason jar and the bobbins. =)
Susan said…
What a creative town shot! I love the vintage sewing bobbins, too. The tin lid and chocolate chip photo would look great in a chocolate lover’s kitchen.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are fantastic Becca. You did a wonderful job on the tilt-shift!!!
Sievertsen said…
wow they are great. Love chocholat and my town.
Becki said…
I loe your tilt shift! All of these are so fun :)
Brenda Pruitt said…
You have an art for display. I love your images. I'd love to live in Seattle myself!
Tara said…
Your tiltshift shot is awesome!
Hi Becca~ I love all your wonderful photos...and how fun are the dress-up photos! Look how pretty you are!
Anonymous said…
Wow. Your photos are all very interesting and really speaks volumes about you and your life in Las Vegas. I just love your interpretation of "my town" and your tilt-shift ... awesome!
Unknown said…
LOVE these! They are all great. My absolute favorite is vintage. It's so soft and the composition is wonderful. I could totally see that as a framed print on someone's wall. :)
Unknown said…
Hey Girly. Your shots all look wonderful.. I had to smile seeing you dressed up.. Too cute..

I love the skyline shot of Seattle look so cool.. Loved it..

We head back home today. Chat with you soon. Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
These are great. I really love your my town shots.
All fab shots... very impressed by your theatric involvement! Uber-cool.

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