Good Sleeping Weather

Hello everyone, just dropping in for a quick "Hi" and to let you know it's been raining here! 
It actually rained most of last night and all day today.  That's so unusual for our area.
We've had quite a lightening and thunderstorm.  I just love watching the lightening and listening to the thunder, but last night it was so loud it woke me up from a dead sleep and scared me to death! LOL! 
Other than that, I think this is the perfect "sleeping weather." 

Not the best photos, I just ran out this afternoon and tried to get a couple of shots, but it was getting dark and I was too tired to set up my tripod. 

Ha!  I know this is silly, but I'm not used to seeing inclement weather around here.  It's usually all blue sky...

...and very, very dry. 

I ran out to see if my rain chain was filling up, but I don't really think I have it up right for it to work properly, it's mostly for looks. 

So, there you have it!  A little rain in the desert.  For once I was able to turn off my little "sound machine-rain" for the real thing!  
Well, it's off to bed, another early start tomorrow, but I think I'll sleep well tonight! 

Nighty Night! 


So glad the rain has reached you! Rainy days are always such a cozy feeling for me!
Justine said…
I love your photographs here, you cat makes me smile whenever I see a picture of it. These are great shots, glad you got some rain, we have just had our first frost and winter is definitely on the way!
Anonymous said…
Oh my.... Anonymous is not being very kind today.

So glad you have rain. It was always very welcome when we lived in the Southwestern U.S. and everyone would run to the windows and watch it come down. Once it came down so fast and hard it flooded the parking lot where I lived and flooded the floors in my car.

It's nice to make the most of your weather. We need some rain and I would enjoy a rainy day...and night! Hope you have a beautiful weekend though! ♥
Unknown said…
I am just loving this rain. And I know you are too. Of course your kitty photo is one of my favorites.
Your macro shots are amazing..
And I see how your litte rock face looks like he is singing. He is probably so happy there is rain..

Hugs, Linda
Ashley Sisk said…
We had one of those days too. I think something about it being dark when I get up and then the rain on top of it made me want to sleep all day. In fact, I left at 3 pm and crawled back into bed.
GardenOfDaisies said…
I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, so I LOVE rain! I like nothing better than to hear the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof, or to curl up with a book while it's all gray outside. :-)
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!

I just love seeing photos of your cats. You photograph them so beautifully. I miss my old orange and white guy he was so lovable.

It's funny but here on Vancouver Island we don't get thunder and lightning storms. Where i come from Niagara falls Ontario we got them all the time and I loved them!! I remember being waken by them and being terrified but loving it at the same time. My husband and I would sit on the porch and watch the lightning and listen to the loud bangs of thunder in the summer nights! Loved that!!
Enjoy your much needed rain!
Pamela xo
Rain would be a celebration in the desert. Love the photo of the sleeping kitty. Have a great night.
lilylovekin said…
I love a thunder storm but we never get them in California. We have had rain though and I love the sound of the drops hitting the deck as I fall asleep. Sweet dreams.
Catherine said…
These photos are beautiful Becca! I know the rain well. It does make for lovely photo opportunities ~ and snoozing of course! :)

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine
.Trudi Sissons said…
Your kitty cat photos make me want to have a a cat again! They are just precious. I just can't do it to my little Yorkie though b/c no matter what kind of cat - it'll end up being bigger than her and some how I just think that would be so scary for a dog.
I love your rain catcher - it looks like it should work - but I also just love it for decoration.
And your photos are beautiful - even the grey dark sky is so moody.
Becky Shander said…
Sleeping, surrounded by the soothing sounds of trickling rain is such a treat...hope you enjoyed your deep snooze.
Sylvia said…
Your cat is so cute !
Gorgeous photos !
Have a wonderful weekend,
Lisa Gordon said…
All of these are such wonderful shot, but the Kitty Shot is perfection! Love it!
I love the sky shot! I have a bunch of those, it reminded me of a gray tie dye and makes a great print :) I wish you had played scavenger hunt this week, I love to visit your gorgeous work!
Hi Becca,

So glad you got some rain - we also had rain and loved it. Your photographs are always so beautiful.
Hope we both get more rain.
andrea creates said…
what dreamy photos :) the sound is perfect too!
it is a good day for sleeping...
gail said…
Hi Becca-So really know how to set the mood!
The photos and sound are wonderful

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