Happy Sunday!

This week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday I didn't have as much time to take all new photos, so I had to resort to my photo archives for a couple.  Oops!  I hope you enjoy them anyway. 
This weeks items are as follows: 

1. Side Lighting
2. Jack-o-Lantern
3. Faces formed in Nature
4. Sunset
5. Warm 

Here are my photo interpretations 

Side Lighting 
This was my favorite, and most challenging of the five.  
I thought about this, but didn't come up with anything until Saturday afternoon.  I opened the kitchen shade to do some dishes and saw how things were lighting up, so I grabbed this vase and started moving it around and changing lenses to see what worked best.  I was pretty happy with my results and learned a thing or two while I was at it! 

I had the hardest time trying to photograph my ceramic jack-o-lantern!  I took it outside and put it on the grass (fake grass) and threw some leaves around it, but it just wasn't what I wanted, so I opened it up in Photoshop and started playing with textures and this is what I came up with. 

Faces formed in nature
As soon as I saw this item I knew I wanted to photograph a pansy!  I plant these every fall for color throughout the cold season.  I just love their little faces! 
Here are a couple other photos from my garden. 

Maui, June 2006, the day after my wedding on the beach.  We sat with our cocktails snapping photo after photo until it was too dark and we were too tipsy! 

Ok, actually I DID take this shot yesterday.  It was in the afternoon, sunny, and about 85 degrees out, but I just had to get the fireplace in the background.   I was sweating it out with the hot tea, and the fireplace on!  Funny what one will do to get a good shot! LOL

Finally, it doesn't seem to matter what the temperature is outside, the kitties always seem to want to snuggle and be "warm" where ever they can find a spot! 

Remember, you can see other entries in the Sunday Photo Scavenger Hunt by clicking on the button below. 

I'll be back soon!
Thanks for dropping by!



Michelle said…
These are all great! I love the pansies, reminds me of Alice In Wonderland (the cartoon Disney one). Your Jack O'Lantern looks like a page out of an old book, very pretty!
Clare B said…
It's great that you learnt something from the challenge - I think that's the best aspect of it, challenging yourself and your photography. I also got the textures out and changed my "faces in nature" around because I couldn't find anything appropriate. Lovely photos.
Hi Becca

I tried loads of times last night to leave you a message. I guess it was computer playing up, so slow ... anyhow, today I made it!

Your photos are lovely and I like your use of textures. It's great fun playing with your photos isn't it? I love it!

Thank you for all the lovely messages you have left on my textile art blog. I love hearing from you and so appreciate your comments

Have a good Sunday :o)
The faces formed in nature photo, of the flower, is excellent! I've never noticed that before! :-)
Justine said…
these photos are all so lovely, wow that grasshopper is amazing and your lovely pussy cat!
Amber said…
Wow, the pansies do look like faces!!!! Very nice. And your sunset picture is breathtaking.
Christine said…
I love your side lighting and warm photos. I thought about lighting my fireplace too, but it was 80 here and I wasn't in the mood to sweat!
Buckeroomama said…
Your sunset picture is just like a postcard... so beautiful!
SarahinSC said…
All beautiful pics! Have a great week!
lilylovekin said…
I love how "warm" you had to get to take the warm shot, like you said anything for the perfect photo. I love all of your photos. Enjoy the week.
Anonymous said…
OH HOW LOVELY! I am looking at your photos sipping a cup of coffee with my cat curled up right next to me basking in the sun! Happy Sunday to you!
These are all just beautiful, Becca! I always enjoy seeing your photos...you are so talented! XO
Zoe said…
I love that kittie all snuggled up, it most definitely looks warm!
Ashley Sisk said…
Well done with the side lighting - the light is perfect. Cats do always seem to find a warm spot...I know mine does. And I really like the last faces formed in nature shot - great capture! Have a great week.
Pam Bowers said…
Great shots. Your pansies are very pretty. Love the sunset. The kitty does look warm.
Dorothy said…
I really like each and every one of your choices this week! What you did with the jack-o-lantern is great! Love the sunset and warm!!!
Tara said…
Great shots, love your faces formed in nature and side lighting is perfect.
Reading Allowed said…
oh I love your pansy shot, very creative! And both your warm shots are excellent, but the kitty is hands down the winner. So cozy!
Katie said…
I love them all! Seriously, they are all super fantastic!! You cracked me up with the lit fireplace in 85 degree weather! :) ...my husband thinks I'm crazy when I do things like that, just for a shot!
Pamela said…
Fantastic! I don't know how else to put it...wow again!
Love all of them. I like what you come up with this is very challenging.
Was that a pray mantis? I adore these bugs!
Love the cat so cute!
I can't believe it's 85 degrees there!!
Funny that you put the fireplace on for the photo! What we won't do for a blog photo!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
Your Scavenger Hunt Sunday is sure producing some beautiful photos for you Becca ~ lovely! Keep up the good work ~ we are loving your results!

xo Catherine
Gina said…
Great photos! Love the sunset! and warm....
I actually felt warm looking at your photos :) GREAT faces in nature. Nicely found and captured!
jeffkny said…
Very nice photos! All so warm and inviting.
cynthia said…
I think you really captured the essence of side lighting. Lovely photo. The kitty shot is pretty fantastic too.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow! These are really nice! I love the side lighting photo but the pansies just scream at me too! Great job!
Unknown said…
loved them all ... but the kitty is the show stealer.. warm.. warm warm.. I love the photo shop idea.. I never play with my photos.. and I really need to .. my jack-olantern.. is ceramic.. and I dislike the way it came out.. maybe I will play with photoshop this week...if I have it>>???
Mackenzie said…
I love them all! These are all absolutely beautiful!
what a gorgeous collection of photos! I love the beauty of the white pitcher, the sweetness of that little kitten and your Halloween digi collage is awesome!
Katy Noelle said…
Hi, Becca! I've just had a lovely catch up and just needed to stop to say (again =]) that your photography is sooooo inspiring!

Love, katy
Mikayla said…
Love your maui picture! How perfect! :)
Karena said…
Becca, very cool interpretations, I love them all!!

I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

Art by Karena
Unknown said…
They all look wonderful. I just love that kitty shot.. and of corse all your faces of nature shots.. well done my friend..

Hugs, Linda
Unknown said…
Wow....beautiful clicks...
You take such beautiful pictures! I just love the Pansies, makes me want to go buy some right now.
What a wonderful mixture of beautiful and sweet photos! Such a joy to view.
Carole said…
wow, awesome photographs! just love all them :)

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