Texture talk and sunset

I hope everyone has had a nice & restful weekend.  My weekend was pretty nice.  Since my last post about the rain I expected it to get back to bright and sunny blue skies, but that hasn't exactly been the case, which I think is great!  We have had cooler, and more overcast weather the past few days, and it was almost like living in my favorite city...Seattle...well, almost. :-)
Yesterday I got out and played a little tennis.  (I really need the exercise!) 
Today, I watched my Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals!  Go Hawks! 
Ok, enough about that, I also wanted to practice a bit with my Photoshop Elements 9, so I thought I'd show you a couple of my results. 

All of the textures I've used here today are by Kim Klassen.
I decided to go a little heavy on the texture with this photo, because when I took this photo of my "fake" sunflowers, I was disappointed that well...they looked so fake!  I almost deleted them, then I decided why not try to mess with it in PSE?  So, it's not like I'm trying to make them look "real" or anything, but I think the texture helped take away from some of the raw edges of the pedals, what do you think? 

I am also participating in Kim's Skinny-mini e-course, and it's been wonderful and full of PS information!  You can find out more about it on her site on my side bar. 

So now,  before I go I wanted to throw this into the mix.  While I was upstairs working in PSE I noticed the sky changing colors and it was so beautiful I had to run downstairs and snap a few photos to share with you! 
Here's a couple straight out of the camera...no editing!

I love how the light reflects on the windows of the homes across the street.
(notice my funky little Charlie Brown tree on the left. :-)

I love when the sky gets like this.  It is pretty rare though, because usually it's a clear sky, so not as much drama.  
I'm going to sign off for now, hubby is making a couple of steaks on the grill and it smells yummy!  
Wishing you a great start to the week! 



Anonymous said…
What an amazing night sky!! Thank you for sharing!
Unknown said…
These all look amazing. I just love to see how you play with your photos is PS.. I can't even pick out a favorite my friend. I love them all.. The weather has been wonderful this week.

Hugs, Linda
The textures are fun~ I think the sunflowers look great! Beautiful sunset photos, too!
lilylovekin said…
Your sunset shots are amazing. I hope you have a good week.
Katie said…
Those paintbrushes are great!!
Justine said…
these are absolutely beautiful, I think my favourite is the first one with the paintbrushes. The textures are so good, wow it looks like you are learning heaps. I love your sky pictures too, not sure what a charlie brown tree is??
Justine said…
these are absolutely beautiful, I think my favourite is the first one with the paintbrushes. The textures are so good, wow it looks like you are learning heaps. I love your sky pictures too, not sure what a charlie brown tree is??
Your photos look like amazing pieces of beautiful art on canvas. Love them all.

Gorgeous sky photos too.

Jessaca said…
Your music and these photos made me fill like I was at an art galery. Only in my PJs. I could not agree more with Sissie up there those photos do look like art work on canvas. Very Lovely.
I love the beauty of the sunsetting photos.
Hope you have a great day.
andrea creates said…
looks great-the photoshopped photos almost look like paintings:)
these are all gorgeous photos - but that sunflower really is amazing! beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Hi Becca, Love the photos, I to am taking Kim Klassen's mini-course. It has been great. Enjoy the week.
Anonymous said…
I love a cute, pathetic, Charlie Brown tree in the yard.

Your textures are lovely!
Lisa Gordon said…
All of these are beautiful, but the work you've done with the textures is just amazing!
Ashley Sisk said…
Those first 2 shots are wonderful! I love the use of texture. Very nicely applied..
christina said…
these photos are stunning!
Pamela said…
YOu did it again Becca! You always capture what I love! I love the look of a grouping of paint brushes I don't know why! It is right up there with railroad tracks and telephone wires.
I love the pottery too. Pottery is a favourite of mine and I'm now living in the land of potters.
All the photos are very impressive.
Pamela xo
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, I was going to tell you about Kim's free workshop for PSE but it looks like you have already found it. Great Pictures
Natascha said…
I love the effects on the 1st three photos. Not sure what was done to them but I love the look. Of course the beautiful photography makes it all possible.
Cindy Adkins said…
Wow, Becca,
These photos are gorgeous!! And I love the one your precious cat in the next post...wow! It could win a contest, seriously.
So nice to meet you and thank you for coming to visit...Linda is such an awesome person...It is an honor to meet you through her.

Have a beautiful day!
Lorraine said…
Becca, the digitals are FANTASTIC! Love the texture. You'd never know the sunflowers were fake. The sunset photos are fabulous - great layering image - hint hint....
Lynn said…
Wow, all of your photos and texture work are stunning. I think your sunflowers look real now too :)
Netty said…
Love them all Becca, Annette x
Jillayne said…
My oh my you are taking beautiful pictures! I don't care if the sunflowers are fake - the texture is fabulous and that is a stunning photograph. Good for you!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous, moody photos, Becca!
Alina said…
Dear Becca, these are totally amazing! I LOVED them all specially the first two. Great effects! XO (sorry I'm a bit late in answering a question you left on one of my posts, you were wondering what was the purple building seen through the window, well,it's my garden shed :0) Hugs!
Lovey said…
Oh what spectacular beauty!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos, blog...I lake it!!!
Nice and happy weekend.

Big kisses from Croatia.
Zondra Art

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