I Love "Lucy"

A lot of you have asked about my new kitty, Lucy. 
So, I thought I'd do a quick post to show you a few more photos and let you know everything seems to be working out for the best. 

Lucy has discovered the BIG pillow under the fireplace.
It seems everyone (Fetzer and Shatzie) takes a turn here. 

In the mornings when I get my coffee and try to do some blog surfing, either Shatzie or Lucy decide this is the warmest and best place for a nap. 

Now, when I'm in my art room, all three kitties are comfortable hanging out together. 
Each has a special place for a nap while the sound of the fountain outside and the lull of the Zen music on the player makes them sleepy. 

Do you like the peace sign collar we picked out for her? 
I'm sure she will continue to grow in to it, as it's a bit too big for her right now.  

This has been a lazy, cozy Sunday for us. 

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Sunday too. 



Holly Loves Art said…
Oh I love Lucy too! What a pretty kitty you have there. Just the cutest and looks so happy.
You're just having WAY too much fun, Becca! But aren't cats good for relieving stress! Lucy is sweet! ♥
Lisa Gordon said…
She is just too adorable Becca!
Sending you wishes for a wonderful start to your week!
She is SO adorable! I just love looking at her pictures. She really reminds me of our old cat Sona, who is in kitty heaven. She was such a good girl. I hope lil' Lucy brings you lots of joy!
lilylovekin said…
Lucy looks SO happy, you must make for a good mommy! Enjoy your week.
Heartwideopen said…
She is so gorgeous!!! Makes me really want a kitten again!!! Thanks for the blessing of seeing your on your blog today!!!!

ELK said…
she is adorable ..what a happy addition to your family!!
Deb said…
Oh, what a beautiful post. They are lovely cats.
I've been catching up with things, Becca! Lucy is so pretty...beautiful eyes and markings! I am sure she will be a wonderful addition to the family!
Pamela said…
Awesome theme song!!!!
Lucy is adorable!
I love her peace collar Becca!!
Pamela xo

Did i tell you someone dumped a black kitten in our pumpkin patch at work? My co-worker adopted him... she was working till 2am at the store so she had him in the office and we all took turns on breaks cuddling him!
GardenOfDaisies said…
It looks like Lucy loves you too. :-) She is so cute!
Can you hear us all saying aaahhhhhh when we see Lucy´s fotos...what a little beauty...you captured some wonderful shots of her. Have a good start to your week........
Anonymous said…
She looks so bright and alert. That's one smart, adorable kitty. Miss Lucy has you under her spell already! xox Corrine
Catherine said…
Lucy looks like a sweet snuggler! And I do love her peace collar. Very cute! I'm so glad she is fitting in with the family ~ lots of love to go around!

Have a terrific week Becca!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
You have a beautiful kitty! So cute! Enjoy your day!
Tracy said…
Oh, that Lucy-girl... how SWEET she is! LOVE the peace sign collar--it so appeals to my inner-hippie-chick. ;o) Lucy looks like a super-cuddler & snuggler. Happy Days in the love nest. ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
She is adorable.. Such great shots of her. I can't wait to meet her!!

Hugs, Linda
She is such a pretty kitten. Thank you for introducing us. Take care, Jen.
Sherri B. said…
What a beautiful kitty...your gorgeous photos highlight her to perfection.
Torunn said…
It is so beautiful and enjoying life.
Nancy Eaton said…
Hi Becca! I found you through Diane Salter's blog. I'm taking Sharon's class, also - but I think you're way beyond me in skill! Love your art - and your kitties!
Diane said…
How sweet this post is....
Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful pictures, I do love cats.
Unknown said…
lovely ..I am giving you a liebster (lovely ) blog award. come check out my latest post to read about it all.
I think your blog is very lovely and pretty and interesting
- KAT -
Lisa Graham said…
Well Becca,
looks like Lucy is fitting into your family quite well...great theme music by the way. Such a sweet photo of her.

Oh how I love your blog...so fun!

Thanks for always coming by and leaving your sweet comments. A while back you asked it you could use one of those blending things for colored pencil and the answer is I don't think you can. At least not with my pencils. They just don't budge. They don't layer well either. Maybe I need new pencils but they are Primsacolor so I don't know.

Have a great great rest of the week...until next time!

Lucky you to have warmth where you live...it's chilly willy here.
Clare said…
Ah she is so cute - what would the world be without our pets
FLO said…
Becca, je découvre votre blog, il est vraiment magnifique!
Love the pictures of your babies--they have a way of digging right into your heart. And, there is nothing more peaceful than watching a cat sleep. Love it. I have 5 cat babies and I love every one of them.

Your site is great. IF you get a chance, pop over to my site. Would love to have you and you can even become a follower--if you want to :)

Hope to get to know you better.
Donna said…
Oh, she's so cute! Great shots...
Tammie Lee said…
so cute, you make me want a kitty.
Linda Vincent said…
Wonderful photos..... Lucy is incredibly sweet. Give her a tickle under the chin from me :-)
Marji said…
She looks like she's been part of the family forever. So sweet

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