Meet "Lucy"

Hi Everyone! 

I'm Lucy!

I was just adopted this past weekend.

I am 4 months old.
I love my new home and I've been playing and playing, then I take a nap.

My new mom says she can't get a decent photo of me.
I don't know why, I bet she's just not good at
 "action" shots! 

So, my new family is still getting used to me.
We're taking it kind of slow.
I run around and try to play, but my new brother and sister just stare at me, and sometimes they make a funny hissing sound.
I hope they get used to me one day...I just want to play! 

Mom's been kind of distracted with me around, and I think she's behind on reading her favorite blogs too!

She says she's going to try to paint in her art journal tomorrow...

Oo, that'll be fun!!!

Mom says we'll see you soon! 


Hello Lucy, nice to meet you. Hope you have a wonderful time with your new family.
What beautiful eyes you have little Lucy. You'll keep those elders young so don't give up on their friendship. What a great thing your "mom" has done by giving you a wonderful home. Welcome, hope to see more of you and your little adventures.
Diane said…
Oh Lucy--looks like you love your new home--love that twinkle in your eye too!
lyle baxter said…
lucy looks like a charmer! enjoy her craziness before she grows up and becomes dignified!
Catherine said…
What an adorable new addition to the family you are Lucy! Who wouldn't be distracted by someone so cute! We look forward to many more photos of you. :)

xo Catherine
GardenOfDaisies said…
Lucy, you are soooo cute! And your Mom's new music suits you.
Judy S. said…
What a cutie. There's nothing like a kitten to liven things up! Ginger and Mocha still have hissing spats after 3 years.....
Judy S. said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deb said…
"Welcome Lucy. Aren't you a very lucky kitty to have found a wonderful new home. Bless you. Have fun!"
Caterina Giglio said…
lovely little lucy!! thanks for the post, cute kitty..
TexWisGirl said…
hi lucy! you are beautiful! i had a kitty that looked just like you once - her name was Sybil because she was kind of multi-personality-ish. :)
Lucy -- you are absolutely precious! I do hope your brother and sister will get used to you very soon. Tell your mom hello for me. Best wishes, Tammy P.S. Jingles sends kitty kisses to you
Ashley Sisk said…
Awww Lucy is so sweet - I used to have a dog named Lucy.
Lisa Graham said…
Becca, I got a good chuckle when I saw your little Lucy and the Chopin Butterfly Etude was playing. Fitting music for a kitten who looks pretty energetic. She is sooooo adorable! Have fun! I love kitties too...we have two.
Lisa Gordon said…
Congratulations Becca!
She is a sweetie, and I am so glad she now has a home.

Lucy! Methinks you are the luckiest kitten ever, and the cutest!

:) SO much fun!!
Rosie Grey said…
Well, hello, Lucy! Welcome! You are really cute and I can't wait so see more of you!! :-)
Dorthe said…
Oh Becca, what a sweet little Lucy!
I hope the two older ones, will get used to her :)
Susan said…
Congrats! Love her eyeliner and beautiful markings! Have fun!
Oh Lucy!! I am sure you will love your new home with your brother and will all soon be frolicing around the house nice to your new mom too.....and lay still so she can paint you!!! You are a real cutie...
have a good week in sunny Nevada!!!
Unknown said…
Well Lucy, I have to say you are sooooo darn cute. I just know you are going to love your new home..

Hugs, Linda
Heartwideopen said…
OH! Lucy is just beautiful! Ahhhhh, and I remember kitten-hood so well. I kind of miss it.... kinda. HuGGs!
Dianne said…
She's so cute... I wish I wasn't allergic!
Lucy is so cute. Gabby and Gizzy send their love and welcome.

Hope her new siblings get to know her better real soon.

Unknown said…
Lucy is so cute! Fun fun fun to have a kitten!!!!
Gillian Olson said…
What a beautiful kitten. Love the pictures.
Tracy said…
Isn't she PRECIOUS!! Such beautiful marking on her. What a little beauty is Lucy... and no doubt you're having tons of fun with her around! How did she like the painting/journalling? ;o) Looking forward to more visits with Lucy here. Happy Days, Becca ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
Becca, you're making me laugh! And I needed that! Adorable kitties!

Hugs, Diane
They look as though they have perfect eye make up on. How cute they are and know it. Kittens are always cute I think. So entertaining
RURAL said…
Lucy is gorgeous, and very similar in looks to a rescue kitty my neighbor just brought home.

Sounds like you are having fun with her.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Torunn said…
So beautiful! Gorgeous eyes and great hair.
Marji said…
Hi Lucy - what a sweet face you have. One lucky girl to come to such a nice place in life. Look forward to seeing more of you.......x
Linda Vincent said…
A blog post with definite aaaaahhh factor! Your cats are such great posers (like someone I know sleeping at my feet ;-)
PS LOVE those leaves in the previous post!!!

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