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Remember all of those tea bags I was saving? 
If you don't remember that post, you can see it HERE

 I bought the latest issue of Green Craft Magazine and there was an article by Kim Henkel on how to make these beautiful luminaries out of tea bags! 

I already had all the supplies I needed to get started. 

Some of the leaves you see here I purchased at a craft store, but the leaves I used in my luminaries are from the cape honeysuckle in my garden. 

The  lavender is also from my garden just picked last spring and waiting in wax paper for the perfect project! 

After applying the fluid gel medium, I used inks and placed my botanical design.

Covered by another layer of tea bags and gel medium.

Add stitching after everything is dry.

Melt some beeswax and apply a small amount on the outside for a finish.
(Oo I LOVE that beeswax....hum, what next!)

Add a battery tea light, grab a glass of wine, turn on some jazz and enjoy! 

Hope your weekend is a lovely one. 

Living "green" and artfully, 



Wow, these are so cool! Really beautiful too! Do you think you could use tissue paper instead of tea bags?
TexWisGirl said…
what an interesting idea! :)
Pamela said…
OMG Becca this is beautiful!!!!
I love this art...oh why can't you live closer so i can do it with you and listen to this cool music that i absolutely adore! I am having a glass of wine and am enjoying this song!!!
lilylovekin said…
Love the little battery lights, they look like fairy lights. Enjoy the rest of your week-end.
Anonymous said…
Great and very creative work, I lake it!

Pleasant Sunday:)
Unknown said…
Ohhhh.. I just love this. So pretty.

We went to listen to Jazz last night out at Lake Las Vegas.. It was a beautiful night..

Happy Sunday my friend..

Hugs, Linda
Stunning....so delicate looking. I love working with dried plants too.
Dorthe said…
Becca, this is so beautiful-what a fantastic idea- thank`s so much for sharing it with us.
Judy S. said…
Sure beats the paper bag ones by far! So pretty.
Becca, that is just beautiful!! I really love that - the teabags lends themselves in such a delicate way for this. Wonderful project and lovely craftmanship.
Wow, fantastic. They look soooooo pretty. hugs, Jen.
Catherine said…
I love this craft Becca ~ fantastic!

Just another reason to drink tea I think. ;)

Wishing you a happy week friend!
xo Catherine
What a great project. Really pretty!
Tracy said…
BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely idea... and I love green crafting. I think I must give this kind of project a try. Oh, and bees wax and encaustic painting is next on my creative list too. ;o) Thank you for sharing this with us, Becca--hugely inspired! Happy Days ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
These came out so beautifully, yum, and the beeswax smell, heavenly. xox Corrine
Petie said…
What a beautiful Blog and I love the botanical tea light!! OMG that's so pretty.
I am thrilled to see you have made some of the luminaries from my article in GreenCraft! They look lovely! YEAH!

Steph said…
cool techniques!! Becca!! Thank you for sharing!!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, truly I am at a loss for words here. These are absolutely gorgeous!! And equally, all the love that went into this. So beautiful, and so special.
Anonymous said…
wow wow wow what a wonderful idea!
Kelly Warren said…
This is beautiful Becca! I guess I need to start collecting tea bags! Thanks for stopping in to see me today. I couldn't find you on Facebook. Send me a link! You can find my profile page here: http://facebook.com/kelly.n.warren and my Happy Shack page here: http://www.facebook.com/Happy.Shack.Designs
How beautiful! You have so much patience to work with things like this...and the results are worth it all! So pretty! ♥
How lovely, Becca! You are really using some interesting techniques! The lighting looks beautiful...
Becky Shander said…
So gorgeous and such a fabulous way to recycle.
ELK said…
wow ..so stunning ..and natural!
Marji said…
Wow! These are great
GardenOfDaisies said…
I LOVE these!!! Wouldn't they be pretty for a small wedding reception in a garden?
peggy aplSEEDS said…
this is amazing! now i will have to start collecting tea bags! how nice for you to have lavander in your garden.
Unknown said…
Hi. I love wat you have created but please explain stitching🤔

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