I'm sure most of us have experienced "butterflies" at one time or another.

I had a case of the "butterflies" this past weekend.
I discovered the best way for me to soothe those butterflies, was to sketch them.

I sat in the cafe at a Barnes & Noble bookstore and started sketching.
I bought the small book of butterflies you see in the above photo, so I could have something to go by.
I still struggle with drawing something out of my head.  I like to look at something and then put my own twist if I can.  Maybe sketching from your head just comes with time.

This is just graphite pencils 

When I got home, and I had my paints, I couldn't decide if I should add color or not.  I wasn't sure how the graphite would work with watercolor.

I tried a test page in the back of my book, and decided it was fine.  So, in the first photo I used watercolor pencils and a small amount of water. 
I think color is good, however I'm kind of enjoying the raw sketch too.  What do you like? 

My "butterflies" are all gone now.
I'm glad I can look back in my sketch journal and see how I could turn that feeling into something more productive.

I've decided I like butterflies, I just prefer them in my sketchbook. :-)


(background music, Poor Butterfly by Oscar Peterson & Count Basie)


TexWisGirl said…
i can't sketch out of my head and admire folks who can. :)
Anonymous said…
I like the raw sketch. :-)
Oh, I LOVE the butterflies! Maybe I could get my ID books out and try to draw something from them! You are so talented, Becca! ♥
Teriffic Becca, what a great way to sketch. I've often done the same - sketching and watercoloring wild herbs from a book. I think your colored butterfly is very vivid.
Caterina Giglio said…
lovely sketches and great way to reframe it all!!
Gillian Olson said…
Great sketches, I love the one with colour.
Alina said…
Dear Becca, back from a long break and quite anxious to see what you've been up to during this time. I can never get enough of butterflies. Your sketches are amazing! Great to see you are still creating and sharing :0)
Unknown said…
What a cool idea! I love little books of sketches! Great job!
GardenOfDaisies said…
I think your raw sketches are just gorgeous! Sometimes black and white allows you to focus on the details more.
Lisa Graham said…
I like the raw sketch. Your drawing skills are excellent. I think butterflies are hard to do because they have to be the same on both sides. I am amazed : )
Unknown said…
These are gorgeous my friend.. I am so glad they glad that drawing them is calming to your soul..

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic way to move through discomfort Becca, and your sketches are a lovely butterfly study. Bravo. xox Corrine
Judy S. said…
Wonderful sketches, Becca! Sure wish we'd see more of them in our garden..... Hugs!
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, these are wonderful!!!
I think I like the raw sketch best.
You've done a beautiful job on these!
lilylovekin said…
I admire your sketching, I can't draw to save my soul! Your work is just great.
Pamela said…
I love butterflies too Becca and am always drawing them!
This one is beautiful!!

I love this music !!!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
Very pretty Becca! Now you can look at your butterflies and enjoy them any time you want!

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine
Tracy said…
WOW... what a wonderful way to release anxiety, worry, fear--draw/paint it away! This is fantastic inspiration, Becca! I will remember that... Your butterflies are lovely. And I like the idea of using a guide book for drawing practice like this. I adore butterflies. They are my "totem animal" this year. I would love to get a butterfly tattoo actually... maybe for my 40th next year...LOL ;o) But so glad your butterfly-anxiety is gone and you're more at peace. Happy Weekend, Becca ((HUGS))
These are just beautiful, Becca...love your sketches! Glad to have your new facebook page to keep me up to date!

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